Elemental Conflux

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Elemental Conflux as seen on the Adventure Map

The Elemental Conflux (not to be confused with the Conflux town) is a dwelling for the four basic, unupgraded Elementals: the Air, Water, Fire and Earth Elementals. It has 12 Earth Elementals as guards, which is more than usual guard of level 5 External Dwelling, but follows an average dwelling guard scheme: basic growth x 3.

Though Elemental Conflux allows hiring all four basic Elementals, it gives +1 weekly town growth bonus to Air/Storm Elementals only.

Creatures available in Elemental Conflux:

Restoration of Erathia

In Restoration of Erathia the dwelling was not guarded, and allowed to hire just 3 elementals of each type per week (the only neutral creatures except for Gold and Diamond Golems).

Horn of the Abyss

Now increases the growth of all four elementals in towns.

Flag was added to the appearance:

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