Deal With the Devil

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1 - Restoration of Erathia Restoration of Erathia 1 - Restoration of Erathia
1. Homecoming
2. Guardian Angels
3. Griffin Cliff
1. A Devilish Plan
2. Groundbreaking
3. Steadwick's Fall
1. Borderlands
2. Gold Rush
3. Greed
1. Steadwick's Liberation
2. Deal With the Devil
3. Neutral Affairs
4. Tunnels and Troglodytes
1. A Gryphon's Heart
2. Season of Harvest
3. Corporeal Punishment
4. From Day to Night
1. Safe Passage
2. United Front
3. For King and Country
1. The Grail
2. The Road Home
3. Independence
2 - Armageddon's Blade Armageddon's Blade 2 - Armageddon's Blade
1. Catherine's Charge
2. Shadows of the Forest
3. Seeking Armageddon
4. Maker of Sorrows
5. Return of the King
6. A Blade in the Back
7. To Kill A Hero
8. Oblivion's Edge
1. Culling the Weak
2. Savaging the Scavengers
3. Blood of the Dragon Father
4. Blood Thirsty
1. Crystal Dragons
2. Rust Dragons
3. Faerie Dragons
4. Azure Dragons
1. Razor Claw
2. Taming of the Wild
3. Clan War
4. For the Throne
1. Farming Towns
2. March of the Undead
3. Burning of Tatalia
1. Lost at Sea
2. Their End of the Bargain
3. Here There Be Pirates
4. Hurry Up and Wait
3 - Shadow of Death Shadow of Death 3 - Shadow of Death
1. Clearing the Border
2. After the Amulet
3. Retrieving the Cowl
4. Driving for the Boots
1. Graduation Exercise
2. Cutthroats
3. Valley of the Dragon Lords
4. A Thief in the Night
1. Bashing Skulls
2. Black Sheep
3. A Cage in the Hand
4. Grave Robber
1. On the Run
2. The Meeting
3. A Tough Start
4. Falor and Terwen
5. Returning to Bracada
1. Target
2. Master
3. Finneas Vilmar
4. Duke Alarice
1. Harvest
2. Gathering the Legion
3. Search for a Killer
4. Final Peace
5. Secrets Revealed
6. Agents of Vengeance
7. Wrath of Sandro
8. Invasion
9. To Strive, To Seek
10. Barbarian Brothers
11. Union
12. Fall of Sandro
1. Poison Fit for a King
2. To Build a Tunnel
3. Kreegan Alliance
4. With Blinders On
4 - Horn of the Abyss Horn of the Abyss 4 - Horn of the Abyss
1. Pirates and Palms
2. Master of the Island
3. Devil Sunrise
1. Prisoner of Doom
2. Evenmorn
3. The Shores of Hell
4. The Freedom of the Nix
5. In Search of the Horn
6. Treachery
1. Frontier
2. Heart of Water
3. Horn of the Abyss
4. All Hands on Board!
1. World on Fire
2. Beyond the Horizon
3. Dead or Alive
4. Tomb Raiders
5. Deus Ex Machina
6. Tarred and Feathered
7. New Order
8. Homecoming
5 - Heroes Chronicles Heroes Chronicles 5 - Heroes Chronicles
1. A Barbarian King
2. The Criminal King
3. Ultimatum
4. The War for the Mudlands
5. Siege of the Wallpeaks
6. Trapped!
7. Slash and Burn
8. Steelhorn
1. Cerberus Gate
2. The Boatman
3. Truth Within Nightmares
4. Twisted Tunnels
5. Jorm's Ambush
6. Old Wounds
7. The Queen's Command
8. Never Deal with a Demon
1. The Trouble with Magic
2. Walking on Clouds
3. Don't Drink the Water
4. Hard Place
5. The Secret in the Flames
6. The Magic that Binds
7. Birds of Fire
8. Master of the Elements
1. The Dragontalker
2. Dragon's Blood
3. The Dragon Mothers
4. Dragons of Rust
5. Distrust
6. Dragons of Gossamer Wings
7. Dragons of Deepest Blue
8. Clash of the Dragons
1. A Distant Cry
2. Senseless Destruction
3. The World Within
4. The Roots of Life
5. Rebirth
1. The Endless Sands
2. The Nameless Land
3. The Sparkling Bridge
4. The Fiery Moon
5. Vorr, the Insane
1. Hopewielder
2. The First Law
3. By Royal Decree
4. The King's Son
5. The Ransom
6. Beyond the Borders
7. Naming a Nation
8. The First Tatalian War
1. Tarnum the Overlord
2. The Land of the Vori
3. A New Enemy
4. A New Ally
5. The Capture
6. Tunnels of Ice
7. The Barbarian's Wife
8. The Protectors of the Sword
A letter from Lucifer Kreegan III, Lord High Commander of Eeofol, arrives at the palace for Queen Catherine. In it he claims that he holds a captive, Catherine's husband, Roland Ironfist of Enroth, and that only a one million gold ransom can save him. Deal With the Devil Restoration of Erathia
2 Total Players / 1 Human Player
Underground disabled Size 2 (72×72) - M
To win, you must capture the city of Kleesive. Some Border Guards can only be passed if a Hero carries a Quest Artifact from a previous scenario, but the artifact beyond the Border Guard will travel with you to the next scenario.
Victory condition:
Capture Town: Kleesive
Loss condition:
Lose All Your Towns and Heroes
Allies: Red Enemies: Tan
Choose a bonus:
 Start with a scroll of Protection from Fire  Start with a scroll of Ice Bolt  Start with a scroll of Precision 
Difficulty 2: Normal - The player starts with a moderate advantage in resources, and the computer plays reasonably well.
Carried to next scenario:
Badge of CourageCharm of ManaCharm of Mana
Max level:


Dorrell: My name is Dorrell, ambassador from AvLee. I bring a message from Queen Catherine. After the liberation of Steadwick, a Kreegan envoy appeared before the royal court. He claims they have captive, King Roland Ironfist of Enroth. They are asking for one million gold ransom. We cannot validate this claim. True or not, Queen Catherine is unwilling to pay. After interrogating the envoy, we learned Roland is held deep inside Eeofol by Clan Kreelah. Locate Clan Kreelah's base of operations and rescue Roland. In addition to your Erathian army, we will support you from AvLee. This mission is of utmost seriousness. You may rescue Roland, or find yourself the victim of a trap.


Timed events[edit]

Day Title Message
Day 1 Intro part 1 A letter from a leader in Eeofol states clearly that King Roland Ironfist is a captive of the Devils, and that only a one million gold ransom can keep him alive.
Day 1 Intro part 2 This claim can not be validated, but a thorough interrogation of the messenger has revealed that Clan Kreelah is holding Roland just inside Eeofol's border. True or not, the Queen simply will not surrender.
Day 1 Intro part 3 Clan Kreelah's main fortress, Kleesive, is located just on the other side of the Erathian border. You must capture Kleesive and free King Roland if he is indeed there. It seems unlikely that they would keep a hostage so close to the front lines, so be wary as this may all be an elaborate trap.
Day 1 Intro part 4 Forces from AvLee have come to assist us in this task. Good luck, and may the Light of the Heavens protect you.



Location Message
14, 24, 0 One of your soldiers cries "Ambush!" You have just enough time to draw your weapons.

Guardians: 20 Orc Orcs, 20 Ogre Ogres, 20 Wolf Rider Wolf Riders

Contents: +1500 Gold Gold

17, 29, 0 One of your soldiers cries "Ambush!" You have just enough time to draw your weapons.

Guardians: 25 Ogre Mage Ogre Mages

Contents: +1500 Gold Gold


Location Color Type Name
10, 65, 0 Red Castle
18, 52, 0 Red Castle
16, 7, 0 Red Rampart
41, 47, 0 Tan Inferno
43, 20, 0 Tan Inferno
58, 57, 0 Tan Inferno
59, 22, 0 Tan Inferno
66, 40, 0 Tan Inferno Kleesive


Location Color Hero
10, 65, 0 Red Random Random Castle or Rampart Hero
58, 57, 0 Tan Calh Calh the Demoniac
59, 22, 0 Tan Zydar Zydar the Heretic
66, 41, 0 Tan Clan Leader Clan Leader the Heretic

Seer's Huts[edit]

Location Quest Reward Messages

37, 28, 0
Return with:
Sword of HellfireSword of Hellfire
Shield of the DamnedShield of the Damned Proposal: (none)
Progress: (none)
Completion: (none)

65, 67, 0
Return with:
Shield of the DamnedShield of the Damned
Tome of FireTome of Fire Proposal: (none)
Progress: (none)
Completion: (none)

69, 1, 0
Return with:
Tome of FireTome of Fire
Lion's Shield of CourageLion's Shield of Courage Proposal: (none)
Progress: (none)
Completion: (none)

Quest Guards[edit]

Location Quest Reward Messages

2, 25, 0
Return with:
Pendant of LifePendant of Life
(remove) Proposal: (none)
Progress: (none)
Completion: (none)

3, 38, 0
Return with:
Badge of CourageBadge of Courage
(remove) Proposal: (none)
Progress: (none)
Completion: (none)


Location Message
3, 32, 0 Torg's Tavern
8, 21, 0 Amnesty Village