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Heroes Chronicles is a series of five stand-alone games and two free expansions, offering eight new single-player campaigns. They are based on the Armageddon's Blade/Shadow of Death engine, and therefore feature all the various features added by these expansions, including the Conflux town, magical terrains, and combination artifacts; however, they only offer the ability to play the campaign, a tutorial map, and "preview" maps taken from the other campaigns in the series. Multiplayer, map editor, and random map generator are all absent.


The Chronicles follow the story of Tarnum, a Barbarian warlord who becomes successively a knight, a wizard, a ranger, a beastmaster, and an overlord in various quests given to him so he might redeem himself.


WOTW, COTU, MATE, and COTD were sold independently. TWT was a free download for people having bought at least two of the Chronicles titles, and TFM was a free for those having bought at least three. ROTB and TSOF were bundled together as "The Last Chapters". They are now all sold together on GOG.com as "Heroes Chronicles: All Chapters".


  • As a Barbarian (WOTW, TWT, TFM), Tarnum is like Crag Hack: a specialty in Offense and starting skill of Advanced Offense.
  • As a Knight (COTU), he is like Christian: a specialty in Ballista and starting skills of Basic Leadership, and Basic Artillery. He starts with a ballista.
  • As a Wizard (MOTE), he is like Dracon: a specialty in Enchanters and starting skill of Advanced Wisdom. However, he starts without a spell book.
  • As a Ranger (COTD), he is like Gelu: a specialty in Sharpshooters and starting skills of Basic Leadership and Basic Archery.
  • As a Beastmaster (ROTB), he is like Bron: a specialty in Basilisk and starting skills of Basic Armorer, and Basic Resistance.
  • As an Overlord (TSOF), he is like Mutare: a specialty in Dragons and starting skills of Basic Tactics and Basic Estates.

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