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Hero specialty is a characteristic of every hero that typically improves their performance in combat. Specialties can be categorized into five primary types (i.e. secondary skills, spells, creatures, war machine and production).

Secondary skill specialties[edit]

Common Secondary skill specialties[edit]

Common secondary skill specialties increase the secondary skill by 5% per level. The formula for the calculation is as follows:

FORMULA:  A x (0,05 x B + 1) = BONUS 

  where   A = Secondary skill's effect percentage
          B = Level of the hero

EXAMPLE:  A = 30%
          B = 20
          30% x (0,05 x 20 + 1) =
          30% x (1 + 1)         = 60%

From the example above we can see, that a level 20 hero who has 30% ability due their secondary skill (e.g. Crag Hack with expert Offense) would actually gain +60% in total.

List of Common Secondary skill specialty Heroes

Unique Secondary Skill specialities[edit]

The secondary skill specialty of some heroes doesn't apply a 5% bonus per level.

List of Unique Secondary skill specialty Heroes

Hero Skill Effect
Beatrice Beatrice Horn of the Abyss
Miriam Miriam Horn of the Abyss
Wynona Wynona Horn of the Abyss
Scouting Scouting Increases the scouting radius by 1 every 6 levels.
Adrienne Adrienne Map Editor Fire Magic Fire Magic Starts with Expert Fire Magic.
Melchior Melchior Horn of the Abyss Diplomacy Diplomacy Receives a 5% per level bonus to Diplomacy skill percentage only when surrendering.

Spell specialties[edit]

All heroes who specialize in a spell start with it.

Common spell specialty[edit]

The normal/common spell specialty increases the efficiency of the spell (after spell power and base spell effect is calculated) by 3% per level, divided by target creature's level. It can be visualised with the following formula: C*(1+0.03 * L / n) , where n is the creature's level, L is the hero's level and C is the base effect of the spell (including spell power and the appropriate magic skill's effects).

List of Common spell specialty Heroes

Unique spell specialty[edit]

The spell specialty of some heroes changes the base spell in a unique way.

List of Unique spell specialty Heroes

Hero Spell Effect
Adela Adela  Bless In addition to the normal effect, the spell also increases damage of the target unit based on the following equation:
  • base damage * 0.03 * hero level / unit level

Example: At level 18 Adela will provide a 54% damage bonus to halberdiers, 27% to marksmen,
18% to royal griffins, 13.5% to crusaders, 10.8% to zealots, 9% to champions, and 7.1% to archangels.

Cyra Cyra
Terek Terek
Brissa Brissa
 Haste Regardless of hero level, increases the effect of the spell:
  • +3 points to the effect for level 1-2 creatures
  • +2 points to the effect for level 3-4 creatures
  • +1 point to the effect for level 5-6 creatures
Loynis Loynis  Prayer
Zubin Zubin  Precision
Xsi Xsi
Darkstorn Darkstorn
Merist Merist
Labetha Labetha
 Stone Skin
Ash Ash
Inteus Inteus
Cuthbert Cuthbert
Olema Olema
Mirlanda Mirlanda
Eanswythe Eanswythe Horn of the Abyss
Daremyth Daremyth
Melodia Melodia
 Fortune Always give +3 luck, regardless of the Air Magic expertise or hero level.
Ciele Ciele  Magic Arrow Increases the damage of the spell by 50%, regardless of hero level.
Luna Luna  Fire Wall Increases the damage of the spell by 100% (25% Horn of the Abyss), regardless of hero level.
Aenain Aenain  Disrupting Ray +2 points to the effect, regardless of hero level.
Eovacius Eovacius Horn of the Abyss  Clone The first time it is cast in a given battle, an extra clone appears.
Coronius Coronius  Slayer Regardless of hero level, increases the effect of the spell:
  • +4 points to the effect for level 1 creatures
  • +3 points to the effect for level 2 creatures
  • +2 points to the effect for level 3 creatures
  • +1 point to the effect for level 4 creatures
Zilare Zilare Horn of the Abyss  Forgetfulness Spell duration is doubled.

Creature specialties[edit]

There are five types of creature specialties: Fixed stat creature specialties, creature upgrade specialties, Dragons specialty, standard creature specialties and creature ability specialties Horn of the Abyss.

Heroes who specialize in level 1-2 creatures (as well as Gelu Gelu, Dracon Dracon, Tark Tark Horn of the Abyss and Frederick Frederick Horn of the Abyss) have their entire starting army consisting of 3 stacks of the creatures they specialize in.

Heroes who specialize in level 3 creatures (as well as Bron Bron, Illor Illor Horn of the Abyss and Todd Todd Horn of the Abyss) have their specialized creature stack in their starting army instead of 2nd level creatures.

Creature specialties apply to both upgraded and unupgraded units. The only exception to this is Catherine Catherine (in Shadow of Death Shadow of Death), who only specializes in Crusader Crusaders and not Swordsman Swordsman (this was fixed in Horn of the Abyss Horn of the Abyss).

Fixed stat creature specialties[edit]

These specialties are only present in banned-by-default campaign heroes and Planeswalkers. Fixed stat creature specialties provide a fixed bonus to attack, defense, damage, and/or speed, regardless of hero level.

List of Fixed stat creature specialty Heroes

Creature-upgrade specialties[edit]

These specialties are only present in banned-by-default campaign heroes. Creature-upgrade specialties allow the hero to upgrade specific creatures into the creature they specialize in, as long as they are placed in their army. The cost is equal to the difference in costs between the owned creature and the "upgrade".

List of Creature-upgrade specialty Heroes

Dragons specialty[edit]

This specialty is only present in the banned-by-default campaign heroes: Mutare Mutare Map Editor and Mutare Drake Mutare Drake Map Editor. It provides 5 Attack and 5 Defense to all Dragons, including both their upgraded and unupgraded forms.

Standard creature specialties[edit]

Standard creature specialties, regardless of hero level, provide +1 speed to the creatures they specialize in. This bonus applies outside of combat and can therefore increase hero's Movement. They also apply +5% Attack and +5% Defense bonuses every n levels obtained after nth level, where n is the level of the creature they specialize in. Thus heroes who specialize in level 1 creatures double their Attack and Defense at level 21; heroes who specialize in level 2 creature at level 42, those who specialize in level 3 creatures at level 63, etc.

List of Standard/Fixed stat/Dragon creature specialty Heroes

NOTE: Orange cells mean the specialty is only available to banned-by-default heroes.

NOTE1: Hero has a Dragon creature specialty.

NOTE2: Hero has a fixed stat creature specialty.

Town Creature Level
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Castle Pikeman (HotA) Halberdier (HotA)  Archer Marksman  Griffin Royal Griffin  Swordsman Crusader  Monk Zealot  Cavalier Champion  Angel Archangel 
(none) Valeska Valeska Edric Edric Sorsha Sorsha
Catherine Catherine Map Editor
Roland Roland Map Editor
Ingham Ingham Tyris Tyris (none)
Rampart Centaur Centaur Captain  Dwarf Battle Dwarf  Wood Elf Grand Elf  Pegasus Silver Pegasus  Dendroid Guard Dendroid Soldier (HotA)  Unicorn War Unicorn  Green Dragon Gold Dragon 
(none) Ufretin Ufretin Ivor Ivor Aeris Aeris Ryland Ryland Clancy Clancy Mutare Mutare1 Map Editor
Mutare Drake Mutare Drake1 Map Editor
Tower Gremlin Master Gremlin  Stone Gargoyle Obsidian Gargoyle  Stone Golem Iron Golem  Mage Arch Mage  Genie Master Genie  Naga Naga Queen  Giant Titan 
(none) Piquedram Piquedram Josephine Josephine Theodorus Theodorus Iona Iona
Thane Thane
Fafner Fafner (none)
Inferno Imp Familiar  Gog Magog  Hell Hound Cerberus  Demon Horned Demon  Pit Fiend Pit Lord  Efreet Efreet Sultan  Devil Arch Devil 
Ignatius Ignatius Calh Calh Fiona Fiona Marius Marius Nymus Nymus Rashka Rashka Xeron Xeron2 Map Editor
Necropolis Skeleton Skeleton Warrior  Walking Dead Zombie  Wight Wraith  Vampire Vampire Lord  Lich Power Lich  Black Knight Dread Knight  Bone Dragon Ghost Dragon 
Galthran Galthran
Horn of the Abyss (Campaign/Custom)
Straker Straker Charna Charna Vokial Vokial Moandor Moandor Tamika Tamika
Haart Lich Haart Lich2 Map Editor
Mutare Mutare1 Map Editor
Mutare Drake Mutare Drake1 Map Editor
Dungeon Troglodyte Infernal Troglodyte  Harpy Harpy Hag  Beholder Evil Eye  Medusa Medusa Queen  Minotaur Minotaur King  Manticore Scorpicore  Red Dragon Black Dragon 
Shakti Shakti Lorelei Lorelei Ajit Ajit (none) Dace Dace Synca Synca Mutare Mutare1 Map Editor
Mutare Drake Mutare Drake1 Map Editor
Stronghold Goblin Hobgoblin  Wolf Rider Wolf Raider  Orc (HotA) Orc Chieftain (HotA)  Ogre Ogre Mage  Roc Thunderbird  Cyclops Cyclops King  Behemoth Ancient Behemoth 
Gretchin Gretchin Tyraxor Tyraxor Jabarkas Jabarkas Vey Vey
Krellion Krellion
Boragus Boragus Map Editor
Shiva Shiva Yog Yog Kilgor Kilgor2 Map Editor
Fortress Gnoll Gnoll Marauder  Lizardman Lizard Warrior  Serpent Fly Dragon Fly  Basilisk Greater Basilisk  Gorgon Mighty Gorgon  Wyvern Wyvern Monarch  Hydra Chaos Hydra 
Drakon Drakon Wystan Wystan Korbac Korbac Bron Bron Alkin Alkin Broghild Broghild (none)
Conflux Pixie Sprite  Air Elemental Storm Elemental  Water Elemental Ice Elemental  Fire Elemental (HotA) Energy Elemental  Earth Elemental Magma Elemental  Psychic Elemental Magic Elemental  Firebird Phoenix 
(none) (none) Lacus Lacus2
Kalt Kalt2
Ignissa Ignissa2
Fiur Fiur2
Thunar Thunar2
Erdamon Erdamon2
Pasis Pasis2
Monere Monere2
Cove Horn of the Abyss Nymph Oceanid  Crew Mate Seaman  Pirate Corsair Pirate, Corsair, and Sea Dog  Stormbird Ayssid  Sea Witch Sorceress  Nix Nix Warrior  Sea Serpent Haspid 
Cassiopeia Cassiopeia Derek Derek Anabel Anabel Illor Illor Casmetra Casmetra Tark Tark Horn of the Abyss (Campaign/Custom) (none)
Factory Horn of the Abyss Halfling (Factory) Halfling Grenadier  Mechanic Engineer  Armadillo Bellwether Armadillo  Automaton Sentinel Automaton  Sandworm Olgoi-Khorkhoi  Gunslinger Bounty Hunter  Couatl Crimson Couatl 

Dreadnought Juggernaut 

Henrietta Henrietta Sam Sam Celestine Celestine Todd Todd Agar Agar Tancred Tancred (none)

Unique Creature specialties[edit]

These specialties are only present in banned-by-default heroes in Horn of the Abyss.

List of Unique Creature specialty Heroes

Hero Creature Effect
Sir Mullich Sir Mullich All Increases combat speed of all creatures under his command by 2.
Frederick Frederick Horn of the Abyss (Campaign/Custom) Automaton Sentinel Automaton Automaton and Sentinel Automaton Increases the damage dealt by the detonation at death ability by 5% per level.

War Machine specialties[edit]

These specialties increase the effectiveness of specific war machines.

List of War Machine specialty Heroes

Hero War Machine Effect
Torosar Torosar
Arlach Arlach
Christian Christian
Gerwulf Gerwulf
Gurnisson Gurnisson
Pyre Pyre
Ranloo Ranloo Horn of the Abyss
Morton Morton Horn of the Abyss
Ballista Ballista Increases the Attack and Defense skills of any Ballista by 5% for every 5 levels (rounded up).
Jeremy Jeremy Horn of the Abyss Cannon Cannon Increases the Attack and Defense skills of any Cannon by 5% for every 6 levels (rounded up).

Production specialties[edit]

Some heroes' specialties increase a kingdom's daily income of gold or magical resources. No hero produces the resource needed to recruit the level 7 creature of their native town. These specialties do not improve with the hero's level, and thus their usefulness may decrease over the course of the game as the impact of other specialties becomes greater.

This effect remains in place even when the hero in question is garrisoned in a town and no longer counts towards the limit of 8 adventuring heroes. As hiring a hero only costs 2500 gold, this way of collecting magical resources may, depending on the situation, be preferable to building resource silos for the cost of 5000 gold and 5 ore.

List of Production specialty Heroes

Hero Bonus
Rissa Rissa +1 Mercury
Calid Calid +1 Sulfur
Sephinroth Sephinroth
Andal Andal Horn of the Abyss
+1 Crystal
Saurug Saurug +1 Gem
Aine Aine
Caitlin Caitlin
Clavius Clavius
Damacon Damacon
Gelare Gelare
Grindan Grindan
Jenova Jenova
Nagash Nagash
Octavia Octavia
Bertram Bertram Horn of the Abyss
Leena Leena Horn of the Abyss
+350 Gold

NOTE: For a comparison between Lord Haart Lord Haart's Estates specialty and the +350 Gold specialty, see Lord Haart#Specialty.

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