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Lost Lore Only found in the Lost Lore.

The story of Heroes has a bit of a gap between Heroes of Might and Magic III (on the world of Enroth) and Heroes of Might and Magic IV (on Axeoth). Luckily, some of this gap is filled in by the writings of Jennifer Bullard, a member of the original Heroes of Might and Magic III team.

See Timeline for a reference of when related campaigns are occurring.

General Kendal General Kendal's Diary[edit]


The Ironfists have left for Enroth, and I am sorry to see them go. The choice of a King weighs heavily on my shoulders. Suitable candidates are few and far between. Gelu, the one I thought would succeed Catherine to the throne has suddenly disappeared into the AvLee wilderness. Rumors of possession by the blade or insanity have reached me. I do not believe a single one of these. There is much to be done here, and I do not have time to go looking for someone who is capable of taking care of himself. Erathia needs to be stabilized and recover from the recent wars. The people are tired and simply want peace for a while. I hope I can give it to them.


Strange rumblings in the earth caused older portions of the castle to break apart and fall. Three were killed and several others seriously injured. It is obvious that Castle Gryphonheart needs some serious repairs, and may have to be rebuilt all together. Too many catapults have taken shots at these walls and succeeded of late. Once the peasantry is able to farm again we will be able to afford repairs on the castle.


Reports are pouring in from all over the eastern part of the continent. A Dragon of black and red has been seen, and she has been attacking the Nighon King. Yesterday it was confirmed, there is now a Dragon Queen on the Nighon throne. Her name is Mutare, and she sought the Blood of the Dragonfather in order to turn herself into a dragon. I do not know all of the details, but she is ambitious and this does not bode well for us. Her eye will soon wander to other kingdoms as she becomes settled into Nighon.


It has been so overwhelming these last two months. Without a king we have been under assault by greedy Kings. The Barbarians have been launching vicious attacks against our border, and have successfully taken over the strip of land we held in between Krewlod and Tatalia. The Tatalians have sent a diplomat, a young woman named Adrienne. She is requesting that our two kingdoms put aside past differences and dispose of this bloodthirsty Barbarian. If what she says about him is true, then we have little choice. His beliefs and actions are vile, bordering on inhumane. I would find greater kindness in a demon than in Kilgor. People are beginning to fear even his name, and this will lower morale if we do not stop him soon.


Mutare launched an assault on AvLee, and has been waging war in their eastern border. Her efforts are slowly chipping away the AvLee forces, and it does not help that Deyja lords saw their opportunity and have been attacking AvLee as well. Most of the troops are trying to fend off Kilgor and his vicious attacks on Tatalia and our western border. Bracada has entered the fray with Mutare, and they are also attempting to drive her out of AvLee's lands. So far they have had little success. Mutare is a powerful opponent, an army into herself. Unlike most others she gets into the middle of the battle, not just command from behind the lines. If she needs to see the way the battle is going then she merely flies high above and does a diving attack when returning to combat. Even the powerful Titans have fallen in great numbers when matched against her, and the Gold Dragons seem almost under her control. If something does not change soon then she will rule all of Antagarich.


The war has been raging full force now for two years. We are tired of bloodshed and wish only for peace. At least Gelu has resurfaced. He is fending off Kilgor on our western border, and the Forest Guard is keeping the bloodthirsty barbarian at bay - at least for the moment. Unfortunately Kilgor has been able to sweep into Marshland, the southern part of Tatalia, Hillbridge, Minewell and southern Avauntnell. Despite this, I have been able to turn some of our troops towards the Dragon Queen. She has now taken over most of the Contested Lands, southern parts of AvLee and all of Eeofol. We are doing everything in our power to stop her, but there is little we can do. With every bit of ground she gains, her power grows considerably. It seems as if there is no one who will be able to stop her.


Good news has reached my ears on the western front. A young man named Lysander has driven the barbarians out of Avauntnell and reclaimed most of Minewell. This could not have come at a better time. Morale is soaring on both fronts as we make some progress in defeating our enemies. Lysander's face seems familiar, but I cannot place it. Does not matter, he is an effective fighter and direly needed at this point. His leadership abilities are phenomenal, and he has proven he can lead an army into victory. I am going to keep my eye on this young man. Things on the eastern front are not going as well. Mutare has assaulted Angelgate, and is heading straight for Bracada. Apparently she thinks it would be best to kill Gavin Magnus, the Bracada King because he is an immortal. By the very definition he is indestructible, but this does not seem to sway her opinion in the least.


Magnus has sent a young hero to face the dragon. His name is Dracon and his credentials are impressive. He removed the threat of both a Rust Dragon and a Faerie Dragon not too long ago. Seems these dragons were invading Bracada, and he cleared them out rather quickly. His crowning accomplishment to date is the killing of the feared Azure Dragon. This particularly nasty dragon had a habit of pretending to be nice, orderly and friendly, but the second you looked away there would be a claw in your back and he'd have lunch. I was glad to hear of its demise, such awful beasts should not be on the loose. I only hope that Dracon can do the job and kill the Dragon Queen.


Much has happened in the last five months. Dracon faced Mutare, and I was glad to witness the event. We watched from a hilltop, safely away from the battle itself. After a very short amount of time it became quite clear this was for the sole human wizard and the dragon to fight out, all others would get crushed in their way. I have never seen such power contained in one human being before, and I have seen many spell casters. Dracon wielded magic like you would your own hands or feet. His skill was beyond compare, and the amount of power driving through his body would destroy any normal person. My pathetic words cannot describe his abilities, and it is no wonder that simply being in his ranks can increase your magical skills. For hours the two went back and forth, testing the others' abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Then the real battle started. Mutare drove straight at him, apparently going to attempt to swallow him whole. Dracon stood his ground, raw power dancing between his hands as the two locked eyes. The last split second she moved to the right, but Dracon knew it was a feint and prepared for the real attack to the left, splitting open her side. The two fought with renewed viciousness for another hour, but they were beginning to tire. Mutare's movements were slower, and her reactions didn't pull up in time. Once, her wing slammed into the ground and she spun clumsily away. Dracon wasn't faring well either, he misjudged a feint and took a blow squarely on the side of his face. We began to believe he was going to lose, and both armies readied for the finish. Even if Dracon lost, we had to kill the weakened dragon and wipe out her forces. Lying on the ground, bleeding and crippled Dracon played a game I knew well. Maybe if Mutare wasn't so tired or her mind wasn't clouded with pain she wouldn't have fallen for the oldest trick. As she drove into the kill, Dracon came up with his final attack and sheer power shaped like the sharpest blade slid in between her breastplate, killing her instantly. The dragon screamed and crashed into the ground, and on Dracon. There was no time to seek out Dracon, we had to fight the rest of the Nighon army. It took three days, but we were victorious. The Nighon army was demolished, their leadership in shambles and were being forced back into their homeland.

Dracon died that day, proving he was the greatest Dragon Slayer of all time. We will always remember his name with reverence and pride. Because of his sacrifice we were able to drive the invaders from our lands. Dracon was not the only one to have several victories in this time, his was just most spectacular. Lysander, the young man fighting Kilgor has reclaimed most of our territory. Only parts of Tatalia are still caught in his bloody grasp. Adrienne and Gelu joined forces, but have been unable to drive him out. We are not sure why, but there is something that cripples them.


Lysander has run into the same problems that Gelu and Adrienne did. Kilgor seems very hard to kill in swamp terrains. Despite him not being native to the terrain, he still has the ability to maneuver quite well in it. We have also discovered that when he personally is on the battlefield, we need four times the number of troops. Adrienne was forced to help citizens move farther north, and clear them out of the path of destruction. Some are being moved into northern Erathia until all of this has been resolved. We are still unable to devote our full forces to this situation. AvLee is very interested in leading a force into Nighon and wiping them out permanently. They have caused one too many troubles here and all of us are tired of their attacks. Bracada wants to leave them alone and not pursue the matter. I am caught in between a rock and a hard place. After all, I can understand why Bracada would not want to continue to fight, but can also understand why AvLee would want vengeance. There is another problem brewing. The Dwarves are siding with Magnus on this issue, and old issues are resurfacing. Dwarves are not often given status within AvLee, but are only allowed to be miners and foot troops. It is a discrimination they will no longer put up with. Several large groups have already left AvLee and are taking claim on several pieces of land in the Contested Lands. The Elves are calling them ungrateful and are not helping the situation at all.


The dwarves have officially left AvLee. Each and every one of them picked up and moved out. Nighon will not be invaded right away, there are more pressing problems. This suits me just fine. Nighon's leadership is in shambles and practically non-existant. They will think twice before trying such an assault again. Bracada has offered the dwarves a home, and they are considering the offer. The Dwarves are not the only ones who are moving from kingdom to kingdom. Because the Gryphonheart line is no longer in power, the Griffins have ended their contract and are returning to their native homelands in AvLee. We have lost crucial members of our ranks, and they were thinned before. Without any other choice I have promoted the Pikemen to a higher status, made Ballistas a part of every army and promoted the Squires to a fighting force. We need all of the hands we can get. Magnus is not without his problems either. The Gremlins have disappeared. For some strange reason they are simply gone from all of the lands. We are mystified by their disappearance, but can do nothing to help. However, he has found the halflings willing to flesh out the lower ranking troops. Maybe this will not be such a problem. During the war with Mutare, Magnus ordered more Crystal Golems to be built, and rumors of a better version are beginning to trickle out.

  • NOTE: Rearranging creatures from H3 to H4 towns.


AvLee is having dire problems. Not only have the Dwarves left, but the Centaurs are gone as well. They are moving far south, closer to the straight near Nighon. It is possible someone has influenced them. I have heard of a group from Enroth who came over not too long ago. There, the centaurs were working with warlocks, not 'tree-hugging wimpy druids'. The slander has gotten fairly bad, and I refuse to record any more of it. The worst was the dragons. During the fighting with Mutare most of them were slaughtered, and their numbers are amazingly thin. We do not know if they can keep the race alive for much longer. The Dendroids have simply left. They refuse to fight anymore and have retreated to safer forests in the farthest northern reaches. I feel for them, their numbers are dwindling quickly and something must be done.

  • NOTE: Rearranging creatures from H3 to H4 towns.


Things are stabilizing in AvLee. After the Conflux town left, not all of it's citizens left with it. The Sprites and the Phoenix stayed behind, not wanting to return to the elemental planes. They have found a home in AvLee and we are all grateful. I must say the most puzzling addition has been the Faerie Dragon. The purple pain in the rear has been tamed by the druids and is now working very nicely with them. I am astonished, but happily so.

  • NOTE: Rearranging creatures from H3 to H4 towns.


Lysander has reported wonderful news. All of the goblins have been wiped out. They may be a small troop, but with massive numbers have often caused us problems. It is good to hear that the forces of evil are slowly being wiped out. What is not good to hear is that almost all of the Lizardmen, Basilisks, Dragon Flies, Wyverns and Mighty Gorgons are nearly gone as well. Tatalia is simply no more. Most of the leaders are gone, we know only of Adrienne and a few others as the last couple of heroes, the king is dead, their troops are numbering in the hundreds and most of their land is scorched beyond recognition. This is not what I wanted to hear, but we have so little choice.


Word finally came in from Queen Catherine Ironfist. They did not return immediately home, but had to turn course for Jadame, another continent not far from here. They were called because something tried to destroy the world. That is why we had earthquakes just after they left. Her letter explains it all.

"Dear General Kendal,
We have finally returned to Enroth and can once again hug our son, Nicolai. He is almost fully grown now, and I have missed his youth. We shall never again leave our homeland, no matter the reason. We cannot afford to miss more of our son's life, nor leave our kingdom unattended for so long. He did his best to rule well, but he is only a boy and does not know much about ruling a large Kingdom. Jadame, a continent not far from here was the place where the Destroyer almost succeeded. The Kreegans have a great enemy and they will wipe out the demons wherever they go, taking the whole of the world with them. If I had not wiped out the Kreegans before, we would all be dead. If you see devils, demons or any others wipe them out. If you do not then these Ancients will come here, unleash the four elements upon our world and destroy us all. I wish you well, and hope you can find someone to rule my father's kingdom. Please keep my homeland safe.
Catherine Catherine Ironfist, Queen of Enroth"

I will do my best to keep Erathia safe from harm, but it seems almost an impossible task.

  • NOTE: Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer


We are now putting our full attention on the matters dealing with Kilgor and the growing Krewlod empire. He has managed to engulf all of what was Tatalia. His insanity spreads like a plague, and seems nearly unstoppable. Gelu is now cornered in the northern part of Tatalia, and we must reach him soon. If he gets his hands on Armageddon's Blade then we will be at a severe disadvantage.


Kilgor does not stop for the holidays, pays no attention to anything except for his insane drive to kill and enter battle. His battle cry is one of something no longer human and we find his troops in different states of sanity and health. He pushes his troops to the edge, and has pushed them far over the edge more than once. Mutiny is not uncommon, and when discovered or caught they are tortured mercilessly until they die. Kilgor is an abomination that needs to be destroyed.


Lysander has been completely unable to follow Kilgor into Tatalia territory. Forces from the south are drawing away our attention, as they attack our southeastern border and swarm into Bracada. My only hope is Gelu can hold until Kilgor can be killed. Gelu is adept at disappearing, and I would not be surprised if he survived for quite some time without Kilgor ever meeting him face to face. We have our work cut out for us, and there isn't much we can do to help.


A strange woman appeared to me last night. She was tall, over six feet with long red-brown hair and green eyes. She was powerfully built, obviously well trained in sword play and personal combat. Her clothes were plain browns and greens, nothing out of the ordinary, but the weapon that hung off her waist was a sight indeed. Her words were short, but they had a great impact. "I haven't much time. Kilgor has found the ancient Sword of Frost. If Armageddon's Blade and the Sword of Frost were to meet in combat then the world would explode. Nothing could save you. I am setting up portals all over Antagarich. Instruct your people to head through them at the first sign of trouble. This will take you to an uninhabited place. Do this or lose everything." And with that she vanished. If Lysander had not reported the same thing I wouldn't of believed my own eyes.

Lysander Lord Lysander[edit]


I will take over General Kendal's recordings from now on. These were all that were saved, and I am grateful for them. Along with other writings we will be able to preserve our past on Erathia. I was named king shortly after we arrived here, but I suppose it would be best to start from the top.

The woman's name was Ravenwood, and she appeared to me at the same time she appeared to General Kendal. Six days later the Sword of Frost and Armageddon's Blade crossed on a field of combat. That is all we know, anyone who was within a hundred miles died instantly in the blast. The rest of the world simply began to fall apart. Earthquakes and fires raged across the land, and we knew it was going to break apart the world. Seconds after the first shockwave hit, portals began to open. We poured through them, dragging what supplies and people we could. Many did not survive long enough to reach the portals, and I was one of the last through. What I saw in the three hours will never leave my mind.

Earthquakes shook the planet, huge cracks opening in the ground, swallowing cities and town whole. Archangels swooped from the heavens to rescue all they could, but were often killed by flying rocks. Lava spewed forth from the ground, melting and burning everything in its path. Thousands died before they could even think of moving to a portal. Hundreds died helping others to the portal or trying to save their precious belongings. Never again will I attach any importance to a material object. Too many people wasted their lives on useless things. Just as I thought no more could be saved I saw her. She moved through the lava and shaking ground as if it were nothing, pulling people to safety and shoving them through portals, she closed them as the lava threatened to pour through into the new land. Ravenwood pushed me into the portal and said, "Kendal is dead, you must lead the people now." I have not seen her since, nor did anyone ever find General Kendal.

We are trying to rebuild now, in this strange new place. I have seen nothing of the other people, only the few who came through with me. I hope we will find the others, and they will have better tales to tell than I. The new Kingdom is called Iranese and I am called King Lysander the Brave. To be honest, the name makes me laugh, but too many people take it seriously for me to remove it. With hard work and a blessing from the gods we will build a future here.