Ocean bottle

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Ocean Bottle
Ocean Bottle as seen on the adventure map.

Ocean bottle is an adventure map object, that can be picked up with a hero sailing on a boat. The bottle contains a short paragraph of text - maximum of 150 characters. While ocean bottles do not give any bonuses, reading them may give additional information or helpful hints. Unlike signs, ocean bottles will disappear once read. The map-maker can create a custom message for the sign, but if no message is written on the field, a random text will appear. Default random texts are:

  • Do Not Enter
  • No Trespassing
  • No Admittance
  • Members Only
  • Keep Out
  • Proceed at Your Own Risk
  • Danger
  • The end is near!
  • Beyond here be Dragons
  • Slippery When Wet
  • No Loitering
  • No Smoking
  • Fire Danger - No Campfires
  • Please don't feed the animals
  • Campsite - 10 miles
  • No Littering
  • No Undead
  • No Living
  • Admission - 2 Gold
  • Rest Stop
  • Scenic Overlook
  • Nighttime Travel Prohibited
  • Deer Xing
  • Slow
  • Wait from this point - 90 minutes

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