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Boat types (Shadow of Death)
Source Appearance
Necropolis Necropolis;
Conflux Conflux;
Summon Boat small.png Summon Boat
Boat spell-necro-flux.gifBoat spell-necro-flux(d).gif
Castle Castle;
ShipyardExternal Shipyard
Boat shipyard-castle.gifBoat shipyard-castle(d).gif
Fortress Fortress Boat fortress.gifBoat fortress(d).gif

Boat is an Adventure Map object, that allows heroes to move over water tiles. A boat can carry only one hero (and his army) at a time.

Boats can be built on shipyards, which are always located next to a shoreline. Additionally, Castle, Necropolis, Fortress Conflux and Cove Horn of the Abyss towns can build shipyards if the town is next to a shoreline. Boats cost 10 Wood and 1000 Gold when build in shipyards. Additionally, boats can be acquired with a Summon Boat spell, if at least one unoccupied boat exists on the map. However, with advanced water magic, Summon Boat spell creates a new boat if there are none available on the Adventure Map. Also, Sea Captain's Hat allows a hero to cast summon boat spell even if the hero has not learned it.

Boarding or disembarking from a boat takes the remainder of a hero's movement allowance for the current day. Disembarking is possible to any clear square of land, except if the tile has a hole in it. It is impossible to disembark to a square with a hole, but it is possible to board a boat from a square with a hole.

There is a limit of 64 boats on the map.

A hero on a boat can also visit and pick up objects on water. While sailing on a boat the hero can:

Horn of the Abyss[edit]

Boat types (Horn of the Abyss)
Source Appearance
Necropolis Necropolis;
Summon Boat small.png Summon Boat
Boat spell-necro HotA.gifBoat spell-necro-flux(d).gif
Castle Castle Boat castle HotA.gifBoat shipyard-castle(d).gif
Fortress Fortress Boat fortress HotA.gifBoat fortress(d).gif
Conflux Conflux Boat flux HotA.gifBoat flux(d)HotA.gif
Cove Cove Boat cove HotA.gifBoat cove(d)HotA.gif
ShipyardExternal Shipyard Boat shipyard HotA.gifBoat shipyard(d)HotA.gif