Royal Erathian Military Command

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The Royal Erathian Millitary Command was the highest Royal Elite Erathian Special Forces Unit-Army, that served under the leaderships of King Nicolas Gryphonheart and General Morgan Kendal, who was also its leader. The term REMC was used to refer to all echelons of the military of the Kingdom of Erathia in Antagarich. It was headquartered at Castle Gryphonheart in Steadwick. By writ of law, it would assume provisional control of the kingdom in the event of a regicide without a suitable heir.

The Command's upper tier was composed of a small union of the Kingdom of Erathia's greatest generals and heroes, active during and before the Restoration Wars. Its leader at this time was General Morgan Kendal. Though composed primarily of Erathians, it also recruited skilled foreign military experts from Enroth, AvLee and Bracada.

The only known point at which the Command ever assumed control of Erathia was directly after the death of King Nicolas Gryphonheart in 1164 AS. Eventually, it was discovered that one of its own members, Lord Haart, had been responsible for the King's murder.

Known members ca 1164 AS:

De-facto members: