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Arrow towers are special addition to combat when hero is trying to capture a garrisoned town.



  • All shooters of all towns do the same damage
  • If Fort, Citadel and Castle is built the Base Damage is 15 for the Keep, and approx. the half of it for the other shooters.
  • Every Building (dwellings, marketplace etc.) increase the damage of the Keep by 3, which means approx. 6 more damage per round (3 +1,5 +1,5).
  • Dwelling and Mage Guild upgrades do not increase the damage.
  • Although there is a range given (rightclick on Keep) it will almost always do the max. Damage (sometimes +1 or 2 points)
  • It doesn't matter what is the target, the damage will be the same no matter what.
  • Secondary Skills, Artifacts etc. (especially Archery or Artillery) don't have influence to the damage.
Formula for total damage per round: (Keep + Buildings * 3) *2

Defending heroes with the Artillery skill will be able to control the Arrow Towers


  • Heroes with Armorer skill take additional damage (approx. double).
  • Creatures with Air Shield take additional damage (same as above).

These bugs have been fixed in Horn of the Abyss.