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Thorgrim the Ranger
Basic information:
Thorgrim Class: Ranger
Gender: Male
Race: Dwarf
Orphaned as a child, Thorgrim was raised in the northernmost forests of AvLee. He became known throughout the land for his exceptional ability to resist magics of all kinds.
Specialty: Resistance
Specialty Resistance Receives a 5% per level bonus to Resistance skill percentage.
Starting primary skills:
Attack 1 Defense 3 Spell Power 1 Knowledge 1
Starting secondary skill:
Advanced Resistance  Advanced Resistance
Starting troops:
Centaur Centaur 12–24 Always
Dwarf Dwarf 3–5 88%
Wood Elf Wood Elf 3–6 25%
Starting troops Horn of the Abyss:
Centaur Centaur 12–24 Always
Dwarf Dwarf 3–5 Always
Wood Elf Wood Elf 2-4 Always
Starting movement points:
Minimum Maximum HotA Horn of the Abyss
1500 1700 1500

Thorgrim the Ranger is a Rampart hero.


Thorgrim does not appear in the story text of any campaign levels.

Horn of the Abyss[edit]

In Horn of the Abyss, Giselle Giselle replaces Thorgrim by default. You can read more here.

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Extremely deadly against spellcasting heroes that rely on direct damage spells or debuffs. Battle Dwarves under Thorgrim's command mostly become immune to magic, making them a tough nut to crack.

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