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School of Air Magic
Symbol for the School of Air Magic
Level 1
 Magic Arrow *
 View Air
Level 2
 Disrupting Ray
 Lightning Bolt
 Protection from Air
 Visions *
Level 3
 Air Shield
 Destroy Undead
Level 4
 Chain Lightning
Level 5
 Dimension Door
 Magic Mirror
 Summon Air Elemental
 Titan's Lightning Bolt
School of Earth Magic
School of Fire Magic
School of Water Magic
School:  Air Magic
Level:  2nd
Cost:  4/2
Duration:  1 day
 Basic effect
All of the hero's creature troops are displayed as if they were composed of the most powerful creatures in the hero's army. Troop population numbers are represented normally.
 Advanced effect
Same as basic effect except troop population quantities are represented as "0".
 Expert effect
Same as advanced effect except all troops are represented as if populated by the most powerful creature in hero's longest owned town.
 Probability of occurrence (%):
Castle   13
Rampart   13
Tower   18 (13*)
Inferno   18
Necropolis   13
Dungeon   13
Stronghold   13
Fortress   0
Conflux   11
Cove Horn of the Abyss   13
Factory Horn of the Abyss   13
* Without Library

Disguise is a 2nd level spell in the School of Air Magic. It masks the hero's units on the adventure map from enemy players. Disguise is a reconnaissance adventure spell.

Expert Disguise represents all troops in the army as the most powerful creature in hero's starting town. If there are several starting towns, then the longest owned town is chosen in the order: Castle - Conflux - Dungeon - Cove - Tower - Stronghold - Rampart - Necropolis - Inferno - Fortress, where Castle is the highest priority. If there are no starting towns, then the hero's class native town is chosen.

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Some may find the information in this section subjective or irrelevant.

In at least earlier versions, "One day" meant that the effect ended upon hitting "End turn". This made this spell totally useless. In the patched SOD, the effect will last until the end of the last person's turn, thus making it much more useful for players in the early part of the turn (starting with Red). Vs. the higher level AI, however (Expert/Impossible) the spell is completely useless, as the AI is able to see the true strength of the army in question, and react accordingly. Additionally, Disguise helps against an enemy trying to view you with Visions. He will still see your fake numbers, but not what troops you have.