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Crag Hack Crag Hack
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Crag Hack the Barbarian
Basic information:
Crag Hack Class: Barbarian
Gender: Male
Race: Human
A decorated hero in Enroth, Crag Hack became bored with his home, deciding to seek out a new life in Erathia. He boldly set sail for this new frontier, and was delighted to find a land in turmoil where his skills could be best put to use.
Specialty: Offense
Specialty Offense Receives a 5% per level bonus to Offense skill percentage.
Starting primary skills:
Attack 4 Defense 0 Spell Power 1 Knowledge 1
Starting secondary skill:
Advanced Offense  Advanced Offense
Starting troops:
Goblin Goblin 15–25 Always
Wolf Rider Wolf Rider 5–7 88% (Always Horn of the Abyss)
Orc Orc 4–6 25% (Always Horn of the Abyss)
Starting movement points:
Minimum Maximum HotA Horn of the Abyss
1560 1630 1560

Crag Hack the Barbarian is a Stronghold hero.

"Crag Hack was an easygoing man, with a passion for combat, wine and lots of women. He made me smile and forget my own troubles for a while." - Yog's letter to the Wizards of Bracada SoD manual

Crag Hack is recognizable in several Heroes of Might and Magic games, and in Shadow of Death campaigns where he plays a prominent role.

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Some may find the information in this section subjective or irrelevant.

As a Barbarian, Crag Hack typically has an excellent Attack skill, which together with his Offense specialty makes his army very hard to vanquish (taking into account that Stronghold is one of the most offensive towns in the game). In some way, the passionately offensive Crag Hack is an "opposite hero" to the aggressively defensive Beastmaster Tazar. Cove have a very similar hero to Crag Hack, captain Corkes.

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