Mutare Drake

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Mutare Drake the Overlord
Basic information:
Mutare Drake Class: Overlord
Gender: Female
Race: Dragon
Drinking the Vial of Dragon Blood, Mutare became a sentient dragon. Some wonder if her transformation foretells the coming of the Dragon Father.
Specialty: Dragons
Specialty Dragons All dragons receive +5 Att, +5 Def.
Starting secondary skill(s):
Basic Tactics  Basic Tactics
Basic Estates  Basic Estates
Starting troops:
Troglodyte Troglodyte 30–40 Always
Harpy Harpy 4–6 3/4
Beholder Beholder 3–4 1/4
Starting troops Horn of the Abyss:
Troglodyte Troglodyte 20-30 Always
Harpy Harpy 6-8 Always
Beholder Beholder 3–4 Always
Starting spell:
Magic Arrow Magic Arrow
Starting movement points:
Minimum Maximum HotA Horn of the Abyss
1560 1560 1560

Mutare Drake the Overlord is a hero from Dungeon. Mutare Drake starts with a spell book and the spell Magic Arrow. She is not one of original Restoration of Erathia heroes, but was introduced in Armageddon's Blade expansion.

Mutare Drake is typically only available in the campaigns, unless the map-maker has enabled her in custom scenarios.


In the end, she was slain by a Wizard, namely Dracon the Dragon-Slayer.

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