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Artifacts: Weapons
Artifact Slot Class Cost Effect Combination
 Centaur's Axe Centaur's Axe Weapon Treasure 2000 Gold   Attack +2
 Blackshard of the Dead Knight Blackshard of the Dead Knight Weapon Minor 3000 Gold   Attack +3 Part of Armor of the Damned
 Greater Gnoll's Flail Greater Gnoll's Flail Weapon Minor 4000 Gold   Attack +4
 Ogre's Club of Havoc Ogre's Club of Havoc Weapon Major 5000 Gold   Attack +5
 Sword of Hellfire Sword of Hellfire Weapon Major 6000 Gold   Attack +6 Part of Armageddon's Blade (campaign only)
 Red Dragon Flame Tongue Red Dragon Flame Tongue Weapon Minor 4000 Gold   Attack +2
Defense +2
Part of Power of the Dragon Father
 Titan's Gladius Titan's Gladius Weapon Relic 10000 Gold   Attack +12
Defense -3
Part of Titan's Thunder
 Sword of Judgement Sword of Judgement Weapon Relic 20000 Gold   All Primary Skills +5 Part of Angelic Alliance
 Titan's Thunder Titan's Thunder Combo Relic 40000 Gold   Attack +9, Defense +9
Knowledge +8, Spell Power +8
Spell Titan's Lightning Bolt
Adds a Spell Book permanently
 Angelic Alliance Angelic Alliance Combo Relic 84000 Gold   All Primary Skills +21
no Alignment penalty for units from good
and neutral towns, except for Conflux
Prayer in combat
 Armageddon's Blade (artifact) Armageddon's Blade Armageddon's Blade Weapon Relic 50000 Gold   Attack +3, Defense +3
Knowledge +6, Spell Power +3
Spell Armageddon expert
Immune to Armageddon

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