Titan's Thunder

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C Angelic Alliance Shadow of Death
m Blackshard of the Dead Knight
t Centaur's Axe
m Greater Gnoll's Flail
M Ogre's Club of Havoc
m Red Dragon Flame Tongue
M Sword of Hellfire
R Sword of Judgement
R Titan's Gladius
C Titan's Thunder Shadow of Death
R Armageddon's BladeArmageddon's Blade
C Ironfist of the Ogre Horn of the Abyss
M Trident of Dominion Horn of the Abyss
Titan's Thunder
Class: relic
Slot: weapon
Blocks: head,
Cost: 40000 Gold
Effect: Hero gains the ability to cast lightning bolt for 600 points of damage, does not cost any spell points, adds a spell book into their inventory.
Components effect: +9 to Attack and Defense, +8 to Spell Power and Knowledge
Requires to combine:
Thunder HelmetThunder Helmet
Titan's GladiusTitan's Gladius
Titan's CuirassTitan's Cuirass
Sentinel's ShieldSentinel's Shield
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[[Image:_am-artif.gif‎ link=]][[|]]
[[Image:_am-artif.gif‎ link=]][[|]]
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You trip over the Titan's Thunder, dust it off, and stick it in your pack.

Titan's Thunder is a relic class combination artifact and is equipped in the weapon slot. Combination artifacts were first added in the Shadow of Death expansion.

In addition to the regular bonuses, Titan's Thunder adds Titan's Lightning Bolt to the hero's spell book while equipped. If the hero does not have a spell book, one will be added permanently. Note: this is a level 5 spell thus it can be used against dragons (except for black).

Unfortunately, Titan's Lightning Bolt is not affected by spell power and always does 600 damage. However, both Orb of the Firmament and Sorcery skill do affect the spell damage, increasing it up to 1035 points (and even more for Sorcery specialists).

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