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Artifacts: Armor
Artifact Slot Class Cost Effect Combination
 Breastplate of Petrified Wood Breastplate of Petrified Wood Torso Treasure 1000 Gold   Spell Power +1
 Rib Cage Rib Cage Torso Minor 3000 Gold   Spell Power +2 Part of Armor of the Damned
 Scales of the Greater Basilisk Scales of the Greater Basilisk Torso Minor 4000 Gold   Spell Power +3
 Tunic of the Cyclops King Tunic of the Cyclops King Torso Major 5000 Gold   Spell Power +4
 Breastplate of Brimstone Breastplate of Brimstone Torso Major 6000 Gold   Spell Power +5 Part of Armageddon's Blade (campaign only)
 Armor of Wonder Armor of Wonder Torso Minor 4000 Gold   All Primary Skills +1 Part of Angelic Alliance
 Dragon Scale Armor Dragon Scale Armor Torso Relic 8000 Gold   Attack +4
Defense +4
Part of Power of the Dragon Father
 Titan's Cuirass Titan's Cuirass Torso Relic 10000 Gold   Spell Power +10
Knowledge -2
Part of Titan's Thunder
 Armor of the Damned Armor of the Damned Combo Relic 12000 Gold   Attack +3, Defense +3
Spell Power +2, Knowledge +2
on all enemies for 50 rounds
 Power of the Dragon Father Power of the Dragon Father Combo Relic 42000 Gold   All Primary Skills +16
Luck +1, Morale +1
Immune to lvl 1-4 spells
Torso/All non-miscellaneous slots

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