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Tower heroes
Frederick Frederick Horn of the Abyss
Ilmarin Ilmarin Horn of the Abyss
Vidomina Vidomina Shadow of Death
Kurl Kurl Heroes Chronicles
Palaemon Palaemon Horn of the Abyss
Lyadra Lyadra Horn of the Abyss
Mallerio Mallerio Horn of the Abyss
Balindar Balindar Horn of the Abyss
Castle Rampart Tower
Inferno Necropolis Dungeon
Stronghold Fortress Conflux
Cove Factory
Lyadra the Wizard
Basic information:
Lyadra Class: Wizard
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Lyadra's scope of interests covers any creatures capable of independent flight, especially those that look like they should not by flying at all, akin to bone dragons. Recently, she has also been drawn to the unusually rapid flight of angels; however, the scientific community is not yet prepared to accept Lyadra's theory that there is some kind of technology behind it.
Specialty: Haste
Specialty Haste Casts Haste with increased effect, based on the level of the target unit.
Starting Level:
Starting primary skills:
Attack 7 Defense 7 Spell Power 11 Knowledge 12
Starting secondary skills:
Logistics Expert Logistics
Scouting Expert Scouting
Wisdom Expert Wisdom
Air Magic Expert Air Magic
Water Magic Expert Water Magic
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Starting troops:
Genie Genie 12 Always
[[File: Creature portrait {{{troop_2}}} small.gif|{{{troop_2}}}|link={{{troop_2}}}]] [[{{{troop_2}}}|{{{troop_2}}}]] 88%
[[File: Creature portrait {{{troop_3}}} small.gif|{{{troop_3}}}|link={{{troop_3}}}]] [[{{{troop_3}}}|{{{troop_3}}}]] 25%
[[File: Creature portrait {{{troop_4}}} small.gif|{{{troop_4}}}|link={{{troop_4}}}]] [[{{{troop_4}}}|{{{troop_4}}}]] Always
[[File: Creature portrait {{{troop_5}}} small.gif|{{{troop_5}}}|link={{{troop_5}}}]] [[{{{troop_5}}}|{{{troop_5}}}]] Always
[[File: Creature portrait {{{troop_6}}} small.gif|{{{troop_6}}}|link={{{troop_6}}}]] [[{{{troop_6}}}|{{{troop_6}}}]] Always
[[File: Creature portrait {{{troop_7}}} small.gif|{{{troop_7}}}|link={{{troop_7}}}]] [[{{{troop_7}}}|{{{troop_7}}}]] Always
Starting spell:
Bless Bless
Starting movement points:


A rescuable hero near Burton.


Forged in Fire
Deus Ex Machina in a prison.