Equestrian's Gloves

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m Equestrian's Gloves
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Equestrian's Gloves
Equestrian's Gloves Class: minor
Slot: ring
Cost: 3000 Gold
Effect: Worn on the hands, these gloves increase your hero's movement rate over land.
Equestrian's Gloves artifact.gif A brief stop at an improbable rural inn yields an exchange of money, tales, and accidentally, luggage. You find a magical pair of gloves in your new backpack.

Equestrian's Gloves is a minor class artifact, that is equipped in ring slot. While equipped the gloves increase hero's movement points by +300.

This artifact is a common candidate for artifact juggling as the movement benefit is gained at the start of every turn, and irrelevant to other aspects of gameplay.

Horn of the Abyss[edit]

In Horn of the Abyss, the gloves increase hero's movement points by +200.

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