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School of Earth Magic
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Level 1
 Magic Arrow *
 Stone Skin
 View Earth
Level 2
 Death Ripple
 Visions *
Level 3
 Animate Dead
 Force Field
 Protection from Earth
Level 4
 Meteor Shower
 Town Portal
Level 5
 Summon Earth Elemental
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Town Portal
Town Portal.png
School:  Earth Magic
Level:  4th
Cost:  16/12
Duration:  instant
 Basic effect
Adventure Map Teleport, casting hero is teleported to the nearest allied town. 300 movement points are expended when the spell is cast.
 Advanced effect
Adventure Map Teleport, casting hero may teleport to any allied town with no visiting hero. 300 movement points are expended when the spell is cast.
 Expert effect
Adventure Map Teleport, any allied unoccupied town, deducted movement points are 200 points.
 Probability of occurrence (%):
Town portrait Castle small.gif Castle   20
Town portrait Rampart small.gif Rampart   20
Town portrait Tower small.gif Tower   29 (20*)
Town portrait Inferno small.gif Inferno   20
Town portrait Necropolis small.gif Necropolis   20
Town portrait Dungeon small.gif Dungeon   20
Town portrait Stronghold small.gif Stronghold   0
Town portrait Fortress small.gif Fortress   0
Town portrait Conflux small.gif Conflux   20
Town portrait Cove small.gif Cove Horn of the Abyss   20
* Without Library

Town Portal is a 4th level spell in the School of Earth Magic.

At a basic level, it teleports the casting hero to the nearest allied town. However, if the hero has Advanced or Expert Earth Magic, Town Portal teleports the hero to any allied town, at the players choice. The hero cannot teleport to a town which has a visiting hero, thus, if the hero doesn't have at least Advanced Earth Magic and the nearest town is occupied, spell cannot be cast. If there is a hero in the garrison but no visiting one, the town can be reached by the spell.

It is possible, that in some versions of the game, that hero is unable to use Town Portal spell underground if all towns are in the upper world, and if the hero has no Earth Magic at least on the Advanced level.

User commentary

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Some may find the information in this section subjective or irrelevant.

Town Portal is possibly the most powerful spell in the game. It is severely imbalanced as it allows hero to travel immense distances instantaneously. Hero with Town Portal can hire great amount of troops, upgrade them and take them far away simultaneously, will have a great chance to defend a town with no losses if an enemy hero comes close (sometimes the strongest hero is far from home, and there's a low level hero near the starting town, but Town Portal solves this problem), afterwards getting to a town which is on the other edge of the map and close to enemy towns. The hero can learn all spells and, if possible, improve primary skills, get experience in Dungeon and learn Magic Schools in Conflux, visit adventure map locations (creature banks, primary skill modifiers, Seer's Huts, shrines), give troops or artifacts to another hero. The only downside of that travelling is wasting spell points, but it often makes almost no sense as their maximum amount can easily exceed 100 - if an enemy tries to besiege the town, the defender has an advantage of fortifications and Arrow Towers, and if not, spell points are reloaded.

If you lose a town with Town Portal in the Mage Guild, it may be fatal as since then, your enemy will be able to travel anywhere. Also, sometimes the desired town is occupied by two heroes (both the in garrison and the visiting one) - simply move the visiting hero somewhere, or even fire this hero if he or she doesn't have high stats, proper secondary skills and good spells. However, the spell is so powerful that it should be banned in multiplayer or tournament games (unless Earth Magic is banned at all, as mass Slow and permanent Resurrection is also a big imbalance).