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Xyron the Heretic
Basic information:
Xyron Class: Heretic
Gender: Male
Race: Efreet
Xyron seems to like fire even more than anyone would expect of an Efreeti, but Xyron delights in just about anything having to do with fire or lava.
Specialty: Inferno (spell)
Specialty Inferno (spell) Casts inferno with increased effect, based on hero level compared to the level of the target unit.
Starting primary skills:
Attack 1 Defense 1 Spell Power 2 Knowledge 1
Starting secondary skills:
Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom
Basic Scholar  Basic Scholar
Starting troops:
Imp Imp 15–25 Always
Gog Gog 4–7 88%
Hell Hound Hell Hound 3–4 25%
Starting troops Horn of the Abyss:
Imp Imp 20-30 Always
Gog Gog 4–7 Always
Hell Hound Hell Hound 3–4 Always
Starting spell:
Infеrno Infеrno
Starting movement points:
Minimum Maximum HotA Horn of the Abyss
1560 1630 1560

Xyron the Heretic is an Inferno hero. Xyron starts with a spell book and the spell Infеrno.

He is unable to cast Inferno until he gains more spell points. His specialty extra damage is calculated as follows:

Bonus = ROUND_UP(SpellEffect * 0.03 * TRUNC((Hero Level) / (Creature Level + 1)))

See specialty damage calculations.

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