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Horn of the Abyss Only available when the unofficial expansion, Horn of the Abyss, is installed.
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Ranloo the Death Knight
Basic information:
Ranloo Class: Death Knight
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
Following a childhood dream, Ranloo became an aide at Mestley's armory. Ancient master's gift was no lore, rather a bite to the neck and a pit in the Talon woods. Undeath wasn't fun, but Ranloo's hands got as crafty as ever. Soon he was wearing Mestley's Master Blacksmith diadem after running him through with a missile from a self-designed ballista.
Specialty: Ballista
Specialty Ballista Increases the Attack and Defense skills of any Ballista by 5% for every 5 levels (rounded up).
Starting primary skills:
Attack 1 Defense 2 Spell Power 2 Knowledge 1
Starting secondary skills:
Basic Necromancy  Basic Necromancy
Basic Artillery  Basic Artillery
Starting troops:
Skeleton Skeleton 20–30 Always
Wight Wight 4–6 Always
Starting spell:
Haste Haste
Starts with:
Starting movement points:

Ranloo the Death Knight is a Necropolis hero. Ranloo starts with a spell book and the spell Haste.


Ranloo does not appear in the story text of any campaign levels.

Horn of the Abyss

In Horn of the Abyss, Ranloo replaces Galthran Galthran by default. You can read more here.


Ranloo Ballista
Level Attack Defense
Level 10 10
5 +1 +1
15 +2 +2
25 +3 +3
30 +4 +4
45 +5 +5
55 +6 +6
60 +7 +7
70 +8 +8
75/88 +9 +9

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Some may find the information in this section subjective or irrelevant.

Ranloo is apparently a reference to the Necromancer town of Heroes II, where there is a similar-looking namesake hero.

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