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Shiva the Barbarian
Basic information:
Shiva Class: Barbarian
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Shiva is the youngest of six daughters in a family of circus animal trainers. Unhappy with the prospect of spending her entire life in the family business, she left the circus to join the Krewlod military as a mercenary, a business that she has excelled at.
Specialty: Rocs
Specialty Rocs Increases the speed of Rocs or Thunderbirds by 1 and their Attack and Defense skills by 5% for every 5 levels (rounded up).
Starting Level:
Starting primary skills:
Attack 4 Defense 0 Spell Power 1 Knowledge 1
Starting secondary skills:
Offense Basic Offense
Scouting Basic Scouting
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[[File:{{{skill_4}}} _small.png link=]] {{{skill_4}}} [[]]
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[[File:{{{skill_8}}} _small.png link=]] {{{skill_8}}} [[]]
Starting troops:
Goblin Goblin 15–25 Always
Wolf Rider Wolf Rider 5–7 88% (Always Horn of the Abyss)
Orc Orc 4–6 25% (Always Horn of the Abyss)
[[File: Creature portrait {{{troop_4}}} small.gif|{{{troop_4}}}|link={{{troop_4}}}]] [[{{{troop_4}}}|{{{troop_4}}}]] Always
[[File: Creature portrait {{{troop_5}}} small.gif|{{{troop_5}}}|link={{{troop_5}}}]] [[{{{troop_5}}}|{{{troop_5}}}]] Always
[[File: Creature portrait {{{troop_6}}} small.gif|{{{troop_6}}}|link={{{troop_6}}}]] [[{{{troop_6}}}|{{{troop_6}}}]] Always
[[File: Creature portrait {{{troop_7}}} small.gif|{{{troop_7}}}|link={{{troop_7}}}]] [[{{{troop_7}}}|{{{troop_7}}}]] Always
Starting movement points:
Minimum Maximum HotA Horn of the Abyss
1560 1630 1560

Shiva the Barbarian is a Stronghold hero.


Shiva does not appear in the story text of any campaign levels.


Spoils of War
Gold Rush as a player hero.
Dragon Slayer
Rust Dragons as an enemy.
Festival of Life
Clan War as an enemy.
Rise of the Necromancer
Target as an enemy.

The following Heroes Chronicles campaign happens long before the Restoration Wars, so this appearance should not be considered canonical.

Warlords of the Wasteland
Slash and Burn as an enemy.


The in-game description "Increases the Attack and Defense skills of any Rocs or Thunderbirds for each level attained after 5th level." is erroneous in "each level attained" moment, and lacks the speed bonus information. (Description is fixed in HotA Horn of the Abyss).

Unlike the native terrain speed bonus, the creature specialty speed bonus can affect the hero's movement points in case the creature is the slowest one in the army.

Shiva Roc Thunderbird
Level Attack Defense Attack Defense
Level 13 11 13 11
5 +1 +1 +1 +1
10 +2 +2 +2 +2
20 +3 +3 +3 +3
25 +4 +3 +4 +3
30 +4 +4 +4 +4
35 +5 +4 +5 +4
40 +6 +5 +6 +5
50 +7 +6 +7 +6
55 +8 +7 +8 +7
65 +9 +8 +9 +8
70 +10 +8 +10 +8
75/88 +12 +10 +12 +10

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