Horn of the Abyss (artifact)

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Horn of the Abyss Only available when the unofficial expansion, Horn of the Abyss, is installed.
M Angel Feather Arrows
M Arms of Legion
t Badge of Courage
t Bird of Perception
t Bow of Elven Cherrywood
C Bow of the Sharpshooter Shadow of Death
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C Wizard's Well Shadow of Death
m Charm of Eclipse Horn of the Abyss
t Demon's Horseshoe Horn of the Abyss
C Golden Goose Horn of the Abyss
m Hideous Mask Horn of the Abyss
R Horn of the Abyss Horn of the Abyss
t Runes of Imminency Horn of the Abyss
R Sleepkeeper Horn of the Abyss
m Shaman's Puppet Horn of the Abyss
Horn of the Abyss
Horn of the Abyss Class: relic
Slot: misc
Cost: 50000 Gold
Effect: After a stack of living creatures is slain, a stack of Fangarms will rise in their stead and will stay loyal to the hero after the battle concludes.
This waterfall sounds and looks exactly like a waterfall should. On closer inspection, though, you are amazed to find out the flow is headed upwards. You wonder what it took for such an impressive phenomenon to come into being. Surely a powerful artifact has to be in play? And indeed, an ornate horn is soon found levitating above the crest.

Horn of the Abyss is a relic class artifact equipped in the misc slot.

  • After a stack of living creatures (no matter allied or enemy) is slain, a stack of Fangarms will rise in their stead and will stay loyal to the hero after the battle concludes. Total Hit Points of this stack will be equal to half of the slain stack's total Hit Points, but the quantity of the Fangarms summoned thus should not exceed half of the number of creatures in the slain stack. Slaying Fangarms will not trigger the Horn effect.
  • Does not appear on random maps unless it is enabled in the template settings.
  • The effect is not affected by Ring of Oblivion or any spell-restricting artifacts and map objects.
  • If this artifact is equipped, then you cannot raise skeletons or other creatures via Necromancy.

Official Renders[edit]

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