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This article refers to the secondary skill. For the school of magic, see school of earth magic.

Secondary skills
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 Earth Magic
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Earth Magic
Basic Earth Magic: allows your hero to cast earth spells at reduced cost.
Advanced Earth Magic: allows your hero to cast earth spells at reduced cost and increased effectiveness.
Expert Earth Magic: allows your hero to cast earth spells at reduced cost and maximum effectiveness.

Earth Magic is a secondary skill, that increases the effectiveness and reduces costs of spells from the School of Earth Magic.

Earth Magic is a school of magic, along with Water, Fire and Air Magic. There is a special rule in place that offers schools of magic more often as a choice when leveling up than the secondary skill learning percentages suggest: A new school of magic will be offered at least every 4 levels for Might heroes and every 3 levels for Magic heroes. If can be offered more often by chance. Example: The Might hero was not offered a school of magic when reaching levels 2 and 3. The hero will then be guaranteed to be offered a magic school at level 4. At level 8, the hero will be offered again a new magic school if none was offered at levels 5, 6 and 7.

Heroes with Basic Earth Magic as a starting skill:

Chance to get[edit]

Out of total 112 for Shadow of Death, and of (112 + Interference chance) for Horn of the Abyss Horn of the Abyss.
Banned skills change the probability.

Town Class Chance to learn
Castle  Knight   2 (lowest)
Castle  Cleric   3
Rampart  Ranger   3
Rampart  Druid   4
Tower  Alchemist   3
Tower  Wizard   3
Inferno  Demoniac   3
Inferno  Heretic   4
Necropolis  Death Knight   4
Necropolis  Necromancer   8 (highest)
Dungeon  Overlord   3
Dungeon  Warlock   5
Stronghold  Barbarian   3
Stronghold  Battle Mage   3
Fortress  Beastmaster   3
Fortress  Witch   3
Conflux  Planeswalker   3
Conflux  Elementalist   6
Cove Horn of the Abyss     Captain   4
Cove Horn of the Abyss     Navigator   5
Factory Horn of the Abyss     Mercenary   3
Factory Horn of the Abyss     Artificer   4

User commentary

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Some may find the information in this section subjective or irrelevant.

Earth Magic is one of the most important secondary skills, as some of spells from the School of Earth Magic are really crucial. Expert Slow can make enemy's troops fully incompetitive (or disallow someone extremely fast, like Archangels or Phoenixes, to rush through the battlefield), Implosion may destroy a strong stack completely (even with Spell Power 10, Expert Implosion will do 1050 damage, which would kill e.g 10 Champions), troops risen by Resurrection cannot remain after the battle without Earth Magic skill, and Town Portal will get the hero without the skill only to the nearest town (while sometimes it's very important to visit a particular one, e.g. to defend it when a strong enemy comes close, to get troops, to learn spells, or to improve skills in buildings like Hall of Valhalla or Wall of Knowledge. Town Portal can allow a hero to travel between all his towns). Moreover, Animate Dead is also an Earth spell. These spells can make a game really easier. Other magic schools are useful, but Earth Magic rocks.

There are several reasons to select Earth Magic, but one of the strongest motive is Town Portal spell, which is among the most powerful adventure map spells along with Fly and Dimension Door. Another excellent reason is the Resurrection spell (and Animate Dead for Undead), which permanently resurrects creatures at Advanced and Expert level (while on Basic level only for the duration of the battle). A hero with a lot of spell points, high power skill and Expert or Advanced Resurrection can win almost any battle without suffering losses (for example, by Blinding the last enemy stack and then resurrecting all of their own troops).

Furthermore, with Expert Earth Magic, Shield, Stone Skin and Slow become powerful mass spells at Expert level. Slow as a mass hindering spell has especially devastating effects among enemy troops, as it reduces all enemy creatures' speed by 50%, which may change the outcome of battles against overpowering opponents. Earth magic also contains Meteor Shower which is a great multi hex damaging spell and Implosion which is the strongest single target spell in the game, capable of destroying or crippling a power stack at the beginning of the fight.

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