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 Interference Horn of the Abyss
 Water Magic
Basic Navigation: increases your hero's movement points at sea by 50%.
Advanced Navigation: doubles your hero's movement points at sea.
Expert Navigation: increases your hero's movement points at sea by 150%.

Increases the hero's Movement over Water in boats, before Lighthouses bonuses. Since the amount of movement points on water is fixed and does not depend on a creatures' speed, the effect of Navigation skill is also fixed: basic 1500 mp turn to 2250 mp (basic Navigation), 3000 mp (advanced), and 3750 mp (expert level).

Classes unable to learn Navigation skill:

(They can only acquire the skill from Scholars, Witch Huts, Seer's Huts, Events or Pandora's Boxes).

Heroes with Navigation as a specialty and a starting skill:

Specialization gives 75 extra movement points at sea per level.

Artifacts with similar ability

Horn of the Abyss[edit]

In Horn of the Abyss, Navigation is banned by default on all random maps without water; Sylvia is replaced by Beatrice, Voy by Kinkeria, and Elmore by Derek.

Chance to get[edit]

Out of total 112 for Shadow of Death, and of (112 + Interference chance) for Horn of the Abyss Horn of the Abyss.
Banned skills change the probability.

Town Class Chance to learn
Castle  Knight   8 (highest)
Castle  Cleric   5
Rampart  Ranger   3
Rampart  Druid   2
Tower  Alchemist   3
Tower  Wizard   1
Inferno  Demoniac   4
Inferno  Heretic   2
Necropolis  Death Knight   8 (highest)
Necropolis  Necromancer   5
Dungeon  Overlord   4
Dungeon  Warlock   4
Stronghold  Barbarian   2
Stronghold  Battle Mage   0 (impossible)
Fortress  Beastmaster   8 (highest)
Fortress  Witch   6
Conflux  Planeswalker   5
Conflux  Elementalist   4
Cove Horn of the Abyss     Captain   6
Cove Horn of the Abyss     Navigator   6
Factory Horn of the Abyss     Mercenary   4
Factory Horn of the Abyss     Artificer   4

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Some may find the information in this section subjective or irrelevant.

The relevance of Navigation directly depends on the percentage of water area on the map. If sea voyages are its important part, then Navigation will help a lot. If the map is terrestrial, then this secondary skill is useless.

Things that ruin Navigation:

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