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Secondary skills
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 Water Magic
Basic Navigation.png Basic Navigation: increases your hero's movement points at sea by 50%.
Advanced Navigation.png Advanced Navigation: doubles your hero's movement points at sea.
Expert Navigation.png Expert Navigation: increases your hero's movement points at sea by 150%.

Increases the hero's Movement over Water in boats, before Lighthouses bonuses. Battle Mages cannot learn Navigation.

Heroes with Navigation as a starting skill:

Heroes with a specialty in Navigation:

The following heroes receive a 5% per level bonus to their Navigation skill.

Artifacts with similar ability

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Alignment Class Chance to learn
Castle Castle  Knight   8 (highest)
Castle Castle  Cleric   5
Rampart Rampart  Ranger   3
Rampart Rampart  Druid   2
Tower Tower  Alchemist   3
Tower Tower  Wizard   1
Inferno Inferno  Demoniac   4
Inferno Inferno  Heretic   2
Necropolis Necropolis  Death Knight   8 (highest)
Necropolis Necropolis  Necromancer   5
Dungeon Dungeon  Overlord   4
Dungeon Dungeon  Warlock   4
Stronghold Stronghold  Barbarian   2
Stronghold Stronghold  Battle Mage   0 (impossible)
Fortress Fortress  Beastmaster   8 (highest)
Fortress Fortress  Witch   6
Conflux Conflux  Planeswalker   5
Conflux Conflux  Elementalist   4
Cove Cove  Captain   6
Cove Cove  Navigator   6