Spellbinder's Hat

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C Admiral's Hat Shadow of Death
R Crown of Dragontooth
m Crown of the Supreme Magi
M Hellstorm Helmet
m Helm of Chaos
R Helm of Heavenly Enlightenment
t Helm of the Alabaster Unicorn
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R Spellbinder's Hat
R Thunder Helmet
M Crown of the Five Seas Horn of the Abyss
Spellbinder's Hat
Spellbinder's Hat Class: relic
Slot: head
Cost: 30000 Gold
Effect: When equipped, the hat enables hero to cast all 5th level spells.
You see a Wizard fleeing from a Dragon and riding like the wind. The Wizard opens a portal and rides through, getting his hat knocked off by the edge of the gate. The Dragon follows, and the gate closes. You pick the hat up, dust it off, and put it on.

Spellbinder's Hat is a relic class artifact equipped in the head slot. While equipped, the hat enables the hero to cast all the fifth level spells - except Titan's Lightning Bolt. The spells are temporarily set into hero's spell book, but they will vanish if the hat is removed.

The max level spells can be cast with the hat even if the hero doesn't have Wisdom. They don't actually require a Spellbook either.

You cannot purchase relic artifacts from Artifact Merchants.

Spell list[edit]

The following spells can be cast with the Hat on:

School of Air Magic:

School of Earth Magic:

School of Fire Magic:

School of Water Magic:

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Some may find the information in this section subjective or irrelevant.

As is plainly evident, the amount and variety of max level spells available to each school is highly asymmetrical, with only Air Magic having adventure movement spells. Town Portal for Earth Magic and the (admittedly less useful) Water Walk for Water Magic are 4th level, and thus not provided by the Hat). Fire Magic has no movement spells at all.

The greatest usefulness of the Spellbinder's Hat is that it allows the use of Dimension Door if your hero doesn't have it, as well as the powerful single-target damage spell Implosion.

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