Ring of Vitality

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Ring of Vitality
Ring of Vitality Class: treasure
Slot: ring
Cost: 5000 Gold
Effect: This item increases the health of all hero's units by +1.
While pausing to rest, you notice a bobcat climbing a short tree to get at a crow's nest. On impulse, you climb the tree yourself and scare off the cat. When you look in the nest, you find a collection of shiny stones and a ring.

Ring of Vitality is a treasure class artifact equipped in the ring slot. While equipped the ring gives all troops +1 to their health.

Part of the Elixir of Life, together with the Ring of Life and the Vial of Lifeblood.

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Ring of Vitality is quite useful for a treasure class artifact. While it only increase health with one point, it can still mean +33% for some first level troops.

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