Ring of Infinite Gems

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Ring of Infinite Gems
Ring of Infinite Gems Class: major
Slot: ring
Cost: 5000 Gold
Effect: When worn, this ring increases kingdom's gem production by +1 per day.
A cry of pain leads you to a Centaur, caught in a trap. Upon setting the creature free, he hands you a small pouch. Emptying the contents, you find a dazzling jeweled ring.

Ring of Infinite Gems is a major class artifact equipped in the ring slot. While equipped in a ring slot, the artifact produces +1 gem per day. Several rings of gems can stack their effect like any other resource artifacts.

In Shadow of Death expansion, Ring of Infinite Gems forms a combination artifact called Cornucopia together with Everflowing Crystal Cloak, Everpouring Vial of Mercury and Eversmoking Ring of Sulfur.

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