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C Admiral's Hat Shadow of Death
R Crown of Dragontooth
m Crown of the Supreme Magi
M Hellstorm Helmet
m Helm of Chaos
R Helm of Heavenly Enlightenment
t Helm of the Alabaster Unicorn
R Sea Captain's Hat
t Skull Helmet
R Spellbinder's Hat
R Thunder Helmet
M Crown of the Five Seas Horn of the Abyss
Admiral's Hat
Class: relic
Slot: head
Blocks: neck
Cost: 25000 Gold
Effect: No boarding or unboarding ship penalty. Converts movement points between the hero's land and water movement.
Component effects: +1500 movement points on water;
Summon Boat and Scuttle Boat spells;
Protects army in whirlpools.
Requires to combine:
Necklace of Ocean GuidanceNecklace of Ocean Guidance
Sea Captain's HatSea Captain's Hat
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[[Image:_am-artif.gif‎ link=]][[|]]
[[Image:_am-artif.gif‎ link=]][[|]]
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[[Image:_am-artif.gif‎ link=]][[|]]
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You trip over the Admiral's Hat, dust it off, and stick it in your pack.

Admiral's Hat is a relic class combination artifact and is equipped in the head slot. Combination artifacts were first added in the Shadow of Death expansion.

In addition to the regular bonuses, the Admiral's Hat gives these advantages:

Admiral's Hat bug[edit]

A famous Shadow of Death bug, which allows a player who has Admiral's Hat, access to water tile, speed-boosting artifacts or a nearby scout with creatures of different speed in the army, and some spare time to convert all this into the immense amount of movement points.

First, how does water/dry land movement conversion work:

MPbas - basic movement points

MPact - actual movement points

WMPbas - basic movement points on water

WMPact - actual movement points on water

m - move cost (affected by a starting tile terrain penalty and Favorable Winds bonus)

Boarding MP convertion: WMPact = (MPact-m) × WMPbas/MPbas

Landing MP convertion:   MPact = (WMPact-m)/(WMPbas/MPbas)

MPbas depends on:

  1. speed of the slowest creature in the army
  2. speed artifacts (Equestrian Gloves, Boots of Speed)
  3. daily/weekly MP boosting objects visited
  4. Logistics and Navigation skills/specialties

The Admiral's Hat bug is based on the fact that MPbas is not fixed at the beginning of the day; - the game recalculates it during the turn every time one of the options described above is changed.

So it can be manipulated easily by:

  1. changing the slowest unit
  2. un/equipping Equestrian Gloves and/or Boots of Speed

The mechanics of the abuse briefly can be described as "slow boarding, quick landing". E.g.: a hero with 6th speed (1700 MP) and Boots of Speed artifact, which gives +600 MP, (and equipped Admiral's Hat, of course) boarding from the terrain without movement penalty by a straight step (m = 100). No Navigation or Lighthouse bonuses. Boots of Speed are removed for boarding and equipped for landing. The overall effect will look like:

Shore Boat Shore Boat Shore Boat Shore
1700 2823 2087 3506 2611 4431 3320

comparing to how it should work with MPbas fixed at the start of the turn level:

Shore Boat Shore Boat Shore Boat Shore
1700 2823 1543 2546 1386 2269 1229

In Horn of the Abyss MPbas cannot be changed during the day, hence the bug is fixed. Horn of the Abyss

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