Pendant of Negativity

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Pendant of Negativity
Pendant of Negativity Class: major
Slot: neck
Cost: 5000 Gold
Effect: Wearing this item renders hero's units immune to the lightning bolt and chain lightning spells.
You come upon the remains of a small hut which was clearly destroyed by a very large bolt of lightning. Sifting through the debris, you find an undamaged pendant that seems to tingle in your hand.

Pendant of Negativity is a major class artifact equipped in the neck slot.

Worn around the neck, this amulet renders your units immune to Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning. It has no effect against the Titan's Lightning Bolt.

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Some may find the information in this section subjective or irrelevant.

If the player starts with Solmyr or hires him early in the game, and is lucky enough to find this artifact on the map or in the Artifact Merchant, it can make clearing out wandering creatures and small armies belonging to enemy heroes significantly easier.

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