Collar of Conjuring

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t Amulet of the Undertaker
R Celestial Necklace of Bliss
t Collar of Conjuring
M Garniture of Interference
M Necklace of Dragonteeth
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M Pendant of Downfall Horn of the Abyss
C Pendant of Reflection Horn of the Abyss
Collar of Conjuring
Collar of Conjuring Class: treasure
Slot: neck
Cost: 500 Gold
Effect: Worn about the neck, this item increases the duration of all hero's spells by 1.
Before you appears a levitating glass case with a golden choker perched upon a bed of crimson velvet. At your touch, the lid opens and the choker floats into your awaiting hands.

Collar of Conjuring is a treasure class artifact equipped in the neck slot. When equipped, the collar increases the duration of all hero's spells without fixed duration by 1.

Part of the Ring of the Magi, together with the Ring of Conjuring and Cape of Conjuring.

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