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Rumors are hints given by the bar keeper in each town's tavern. The creator of the map can create customized rumors for the map. If there are no customized rumors available, one of the 150 built-in rumors will be displayed. The rumors are the same for all towns and for all players. The rumor changes at the start of each week.

List of built-in rumors[edit]

  1. Nothing hits the spot quite like my famous Baked Erathian Eel. No? Well how about some Pegasus Pot Pie?
  2. Erathian Marksmen can shoot two arrows in the time a normal Archer could shoot one.
  3. Giffins trained in the royal courts are ferocious defenders.
  4. Erathian Crusaders can strike two blows in the time a normal Swordsman could strike once.
  5. Have you heard? Zealots are beings of pure energy.
  6. Let your Champions run their enemies through. You will like the results. Farther is better.
  7. Angels fight more ferociously when striking a Devil.
  8. It is said an Angel will brighten the morale of any army, except the dead.
  9. In the heat of battle, I have seen Archangels resurrect fallen comrades.
  10. I once saw a Dwarf resist a spell cast upon him.
  11. It is said the Grand Elven Archers of AvLee can best Erathian Marksmen.
  12. It is said a Pegasus will make an enemy spell caster work harder.
  13. Roots of the Dendroids will bind their enemies in place.
  14. If you want to protect yourself from spells, stand next to a Unicorn.
  15. Though not as immune as Gold Dragons, Green Dragons resist most spells.
  16. Gold Dragons resist more spells than Green, but not as much as Black.
  17. What the imps and familiars lack in strength, they make up for in numbers.
  18. Familiars will drain mana from any spells you cast, and give it to their general.
  19. Magogs throw exploding balls of fire, burning everything around their target.
  20. It is impossible to retaliate against the vicious attack of a three-headed Cerberus.
  21. Once I saw a Pit Lord resurrect Demons from fallen allies.
  22. Being from the Plane of Fire, Efreet are unaffected by spells of Fire Magic.
  23. Efreet strike with extra furor when attacking Genies.
  24. Efreet Sultans are naturally protected by a shield of fire.
  25. Good luck is not to be had in the presence of Devils.
  26. When a Devil travels, it journeys to its plane before returning to our world.
  27. It is impossible to retaliate against the swiping scythe of a Devil.
  28. When attacking an Angel, Devils strike with tremendous anger.
  29. Beware the touch of the Zombies. You may find yourself with disease.
  30. Wights and Wraiths are foul spirits. If you do not kill one with the first blow, it will heal itself whole.
  31. Wraiths subsist on magic energies. Mana disappears in their presence.
  32. I have heard the Ghosts of Enroth are far more dangerous than the Wights and Wraiths of Erathia.
  33. It is impossible to retaliate in the face of a Vampire's fearsome assault.
  34. I have seen dying Vampire Lords reborn in the blood of fallen enemies.
  35. A Lich's attack shreds the living while leaving the dead unscathed.
  36. A strike from a Black Knight can curse an enemy.
  37. Dread Knights are powerful warriors able to cut down their enemies with a powerful death blow.
  38. On the battlefield, Bone and Ghost Dragons strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.
  39. Ghost Dragons thirst of the vitality of the young. Beware, you may find yourself old.
  40. Golems do not have a mind of their own.
  41. Golems are animated through magic means unknown to most men.
  42. Because of their animated nature, Golems endure the punishment of spells longer than most.
  43. It is said Magi and Arch Magi assist heroes in casting their spells.
  44. Arch Magi throw magic with the precision greater than most archers.
  45. Efreet are the natural enemies of Genies.
  46. Genies strike Efreet with a hatred I have rarely seen.
  47. Master Genies can cast spells as well as any hero.
  48. Under the four- and six-armed attack of a Naga, no one can hope to retaliate.
  49. A Naga's attack is an exercise in precise swordsmanship.
  50. Only the Angel and Archangel can best a Naga in swordsmanship.
  51. Most underestimate the intelligence of Giants and Titans. Their minds cannot be possessed.
  52. Titans will strike Black Dragons with more ferocity than any other enemy.
  53. Wolf Raiders are quick creatures. They'll hit you twice before you can get your shield up.
  54. Ogre Magi are terrifying monsters. They stir a bloodlust in their allies I have never seen before.
  55. The attack of a Thunderbird is said to bring lightning from the sky.
  56. If you want to conquer a town, bring along several Cyclopes. Their boulder throwing skills bring town walls faster than any catapult.
  57. Few have lived from the assault of a Behemoth. Some say there is no defense against them.
  58. It is said that no defense can stand up to the attack of an Ancient Behemoth.
  59. Troglodytes have no eyes, but they can still see.
  60. Because Troglodytes have no eyes, they cannot be blinded.
  61. Many armies have fallen under the swooping attacks of Harpies, without causing a single casualty.
  62. Beholders are the most confident creatures. Even when surrounded, they do not loose their composure.
  63. Many fear the petrifying attack of the Medusa. You should fear more their golden arrows.
  64. Even against overwhelming odds, the Minotaur revels in the bloodlust of combat.
  65. It is said the powerful venom of the Scorpicore could paralyze a golem.
  66. Not a spell in the world could harm the Black Dragon.
  67. Remember that the black dragon is immune to all spells - only a Slayer can bring additional harm to it.
  68. It is said the Orb of Vulnerability can humble the mighty Black Dragon.
  69. When in battle, it is said Black Dragons seek out Titans.
  70. Few understand how, but the Dragon Fly can extinguish spells.
  71. Little is known of the Mighty Gorgon. I once heard to look into its eyes was instant death.
  72. Beware the poison of the Wyvern Monarch. It will rob you of health faster than the beast can fly.
  73. It is impossible to retaliate in the onslaught of the many headed Hydra.
  74. The Black Dragon may be stronger than a Titan, but not even a Titan could defeat an Archangel without help.
  75. Only the Green and Gold Dragons are good. Red and Black Dragons serve Nighon, and Bone and Ghost Dragons are the vile creations of the Necromancers.
  76. Archangels are the most powerful creature of the Castles.
  77. Gold Dragons are the most powerful creature of the Ramparts.
  78. Titans are the most powerful creature of the Towers.
  79. Arch Devils are the most powerful creature of the Infernos.
  80. Ghost Dragons are the most powerful creature of the Necropolis.
  81. Black Dragons are the most powerful creature of the Dungeons.
  82. Ancient Behemoths are the most powerful creature of the Strongholds.
  83. Chaos Hydras are the most powerful creature of the Fortresses.
  84. On the battlefield, the troop who strikes first, wins most often.
  85. On the battlefield, speed is life, life is speed.
  86. The scarlet swan swims in a small lake.
  87. Find the Grail - it is more powerful than you can imagine.
  88. Find a good cartographer. Though his maps may cost more, they are extremely accurate.
  89. Beware Kreegans bearing gifts.
  90. A wizard recently discovered a spell that will make a whole ARMY fly!
  91. Chaos is an Overlord's best friend.
  92. Never get involved in a land war in Erathia.
  93. Never ignore a subterranean gate, lest you allow an enemy to approach unseen.
  94. A traveler told me that the Ironfists of Enroth have lost the mandate of heaven.
  95. Once you've mastered a school of magic, most spells affecting only one unit will now effect all your allies or all your enemies - and sometimes both!
  96. When travelling across the desert, seek out an oasis, for it will speed your journey.
  97. Seek out the learning stones that are scattered about the land. You can only learn from each one once, but you learn much.
  98. There is safety in numbers, especially if those numbers are in the thousands!
  99. The Haste and Slow spells can be powerful allies in combat, especially at higher levels of proficiency.
  100. Fight Fire with Protection from Fire.
  101. Water can do little harm to those who have mastered it.
  102. Air can do little harm to those who have mastered it.
  103. Earth can do little harm to those who have mastered it.
  104. The university can teach you anything... for the right price.
  105. With the right spell, you can scuttle your boats to prevent your enemies from using them. It makes for a one way trip, but that's what Summon Boat is for!
  106. Towns with a Citadel attract more troops than a town with a Fort.
  107. I have heard the Towers trade in artifacts.
  108. Do you know the Strongholds trade in creatures?
  109. I have heard heroes could travel between Infernos without moving.
  110. The Thieves' Guild is friend to everyone and no one.
  111. Any Castle under the guard of the Brotherhood of the Sword stands a better chance in siege combat.
  112. I've heard the residents of the Castles will construct a giant Colossus to honor any hero who brings them the Grail.
  113. I've heard the residents of the Ramparts will construct a Spirit Guardian to honor any hero who brings them the Grail.
  114. I've heard the residents of the Towers will construct a great Skyship to honor any hero who brings them the Grail.
  115. I've heard the residents of the Infernos will summon a Deity of Fire to honor any hero who brings them the Grail.
  116. I've heard the residents of the Necropolis will construct a Soul Prison to honor any hero who brings them the Grail.
  117. I've heard the residents of the Dungeons will summon a Guardian of Earth to honor any hero who brings them the Grail.
  118. I've heard the residents of the Strongholds will construct a Warlords' Monument to honor any hero who brings them the Grail.
  119. I've heard the residents of the Fortresses will grow a great Carnivorous Plant to honor any hero who brings them the Grail.
  120. Erathian horses are the swiftest in the land.
  121. If you want to learn quickly, visit a Battle Scholars' Academy in a Dungeon.
  122. It is believed the Warlocks are able to create a Mana Vortex capable of doubling their mana capacity.
  123. With the Portal of Summoning, the Dungeon can recruit creatures from the surface.
  124. Fortresses construct the Blood Obelisk to increase the ferocity of their town defenders.
  125. After a day in the Cage of Warlords, you will know how to better defend yourself.
  126. When invading an Inferno, you will see Brimstone Stormclouds. Beware, their spell casters feed on its power.
  127. It is said Infernos are linked through dimensional portals. Simple folk call them Castle Gates.
  128. If your heroes desire more power, visit the Order of Fire in an Inferno.
  129. A Cover of Darkness blankets all under the reign of the Necromancers.
  130. It is believed prisoners of war are led to a Necropolis to be flayed into Skeletons for the undead hordes of the Necromancer and Death Knight.
  131. Some believe each Necropolis builds a 'Necromancy Amplifier' to help its heroes raise the dead.
  132. More rare than the Gem Pond is the Mystic Pond. You never know what precious resources you will find.
  133. Ramparts create Fountains of Fortune to imbue its defenders with amazing luck.
  134. If you desire money, store it at the Dwarven Treasury in a Rampart.
  135. Heroes visiting the Hall of Valhalla in a Stronghold become better warriors.
  136. If you want to know more, visit the glyphic Wall of Knowledge in a Tower.
  137. On cursed ground, no one has the advantage.
  138. On the magic plains, even the common man can cast spells like the greatest wizard.
  139. A wise man once said, "Don't share your wisdom with anybody."
  140. Blood is thicker than water.
  141. To thine own self be true.
  142. Attack where your enemy is weak.
  143. Always protect your missile troops in combat.
  144. Sometimes the best way to avoid defeat is by avoiding combat!
  145. Today is yesterday's tomorrow.
  146. At this time of year, the waters around the elvish island of Vori freeze.
  147. I've heard the elves of Vori have snow white skin.
  148. Did you know the elves of AvLee are descended from the elves of Vori?
  149. Hey, I'm all out of rumors, because people like YOU don't come here enough to share them with me!
  150. Did you ever hear the one about the frog who dreamed of being a king... and then became one?