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Horn of the Abyss Only available when the unofficial expansion, Horn of the Abyss, is installed.
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Dargem the Navigator
Basic information:
Dargem Class: Navigator
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Dargem's past is quite legendary. They say that he alone captured a fort; the defenders' arrows simply could not reach him. Little is known of the time Dargem spent in the dungeons of Nighon as an apprentice warlock, but it's obvious that underworld magic is his ace. Barraging his ship with cannonballs and arrows is a notorious waste of time.
Specialty: Air Shield
Specialty Air Shield Casts Air Shield with effect increased by 3% for every n hero levels, where n is the level of the targeted creature.
Starting Level:
Starting primary skills:
Attack 2 Defense 0 Spell Power 1 Knowledge 2
Starting secondary skills:
Wisdom Basic Wisdom
Tactics Basic Tactics
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Starting troops:
Nymph Nymph 15-25 Always
Crew Mate Crew Mate 6-9 Always
Pirate Pirate 4-7 Always
[[File: Creature portrait {{{troop_4}}} small.gif|{{{troop_4}}}|link={{{troop_4}}}]] [[{{{troop_4}}}|{{{troop_4}}}]] Always
[[File: Creature portrait {{{troop_5}}} small.gif|{{{troop_5}}}|link={{{troop_5}}}]] [[{{{troop_5}}}|{{{troop_5}}}]] Always
[[File: Creature portrait {{{troop_6}}} small.gif|{{{troop_6}}}|link={{{troop_6}}}]] [[{{{troop_6}}}|{{{troop_6}}}]] Always
[[File: Creature portrait {{{troop_7}}} small.gif|{{{troop_7}}}|link={{{troop_7}}}]] [[{{{troop_7}}}|{{{troop_7}}}]] Always
Starting spell:
Air Shield Air Shield
Starting movement points:

Dargem the Navigator is a Cove hero. Dargem starts with a spell book and the spell Air Shield.


Originally a raider around the coast of Jadame. He traded with Burton to resupply his fleet, and was livid when they cut off trade with him. He became hostile to Burton and blockaded all trade going to and from the town. At some point, one of his crew members (Boyd) displeased him and was painfully executed by Dargem. This came back to haunt him when Boyd was raised from the dead with the sole purpose of avenging himself. At the end of Dead or Alive, Dargem is left alone with Boyd and presumably meets his demise. An illusion of Dargem later appears in the Hall of Illusions, in a tomb north of Burton (See Dargem (Illusion)).

...But rumors of his death have been greatly exaggerated. Later, he is employed by Casmetra and is imprisoned while attempting to recover the Horn of the Abyss (artifact) for her. Freed by Bidley, he pretends to help him find the horn. At the last moment, he betrays and captures Bidley, claims the horn for his own and flees. When Jeremy and Casmetra catch up to him, he reveals that he was employed by her and is about to blow the horn when she casts a spell at him. A huge magical explosion occurs and sends Dargem, Casmetra, Bidley and Jeremy to wildly different locations. As Casmetra ended up with the horn, Dargem raised a fleet of Regnans and enlisted the aid of the Nighon warlocks to reclaim it. He, and all the other contenders, were ultimately defeated by the new Pirate King, Bidley.


Terror of the Seas
In Search of the Horn in a prison.
Horn of the Abyss
All Hands on Board! as an enemy.
Forged in Fire
Dead or Alive as an enemy.
Tomb Raiders as an enemy illusion.


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At level 33 Dargem with expert Air causes enemy shooters to deal only 1 point of damage to your level 1 units (50% reduction * (1 + 3% * 33) = 100% reduction). Even at lower hero levels, shooting units with no melee penalty will choose to walk and deal melee damage instead of shooting. Creatures with melee penalty will always shoot.

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