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Horn of the Abyss Only available when the unofficial expansion, Horn of the Abyss, is installed.
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Jeremy the Captain
Basic information:
Jeremy Class: Captain
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Brother of legendary Bidley. Not as harsh and lucky, Jeremy loves fun, brewages and beautiful women. He has a thing for weapons, and collects all the newest inventions. A shot thunder is more pleasing for him than any music. Crewmen say that he is able to kill a gull a hundred feet away from a cannon.
Specialty: Cannon
Specialty Cannon Increases the Attack and Defense skills of any Cannon by 5% for every 6 levels (rounded up).
Starting Level:
Starting primary skills:
Attack 3 Defense 0 Spell Power 2 Knowledge 1
Starting secondary skills:
Offense Basic Offense
Artillery Basic Artillery
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Starting troops:
Nymph Nymph 15-25 Always
[[File: Creature portrait {{{troop_2}}} small.gif|{{{troop_2}}}|link={{{troop_2}}}]] [[{{{troop_2}}}|{{{troop_2}}}]] Always
Pirate Pirate 4-7 Always
[[File: Creature portrait {{{troop_4}}} small.gif|{{{troop_4}}}|link={{{troop_4}}}]] [[{{{troop_4}}}|{{{troop_4}}}]] Always
[[File: Creature portrait {{{troop_5}}} small.gif|{{{troop_5}}}|link={{{troop_5}}}]] [[{{{troop_5}}}|{{{troop_5}}}]] Always
[[File: Creature portrait {{{troop_6}}} small.gif|{{{troop_6}}}|link={{{troop_6}}}]] [[{{{troop_6}}}|{{{troop_6}}}]] Always
[[File: Creature portrait {{{troop_7}}} small.gif|{{{troop_7}}}|link={{{troop_7}}}]] [[{{{troop_7}}}|{{{troop_7}}}]] Always
Starts with:
Starting movement points:

Jeremy the Captain is a Cove hero.


Jeremy Albatross is the brother of Bidley and lover of Casmetra.

While being chased by the Erathian navy, Jeremy's caravel, the Black Unicorn, is shipwrecked. Along with his first mate Patris and his crew, he is shipwrecked on an unnamed island between Nighon and Eeofol. He sets up a base of operations (Utopia) and eventually meets Alkin, a gnoll chieftain on the island. They form an alliance to repel a Kreegan invasion. After defeating the demons, Jeremy leaves his base under Alkin's control and sails away in a Kreegan ship.

After leaving the island, Jeremy meets Casmetra, saving her base from raiders. Even though his first mate, Patris, is suspicious of her, Jeremy befriends her anyway and becomes quite close. When Jeremy and Casmetra meet up with Bidley, he tells them of the Horn of the Abyss (artifact), which they then begin a quest to obtain. They assemble the Cornucopia to fund their operations and in the process they free Tark, the prince of the Nix. On the way to the horn's location, most of their fleet is sunk by the Tatalians, with the exception of the ships captained by Jeremy, Bidley and Patris. To ensure their escape, Casmetra uses her magic to sink the Tatalian ships, destroying Patris' ship and killing him in collateral damage. When they arrive at the horn's location, Jeremy and Casmetra are separated from Bidley.

During his search for the horn, Bidley frees Dargem, who is secretly a former agent of Casmetra's who failed in his task to find the horn. Upon finding the horn, Dargem captures Bidley, claims the horn for his own and flees. When Casmetra and Jeremy catch up to him, Dargem reveals that he was employed by her and is about to blow the horn when she casts a spell at him. A huge magical explosion occurs and sends Dargem, Casmetra, Bidley and Jeremy to wildly different locations.

Jeremy ended up very far away, east of Erathia, on Klondike, an archipelago amongst endless sea. While there he locates the grail to light the Lodestar, which he followed to find Bidley. Together, they located Casmetra, who ended up with the horn. Before she could figure out how to use it, Jeremy and Bidley defeated her and reclaimed the horn. Once they had the horn, they became the targets of Dargem, Bracada, the Elemental Lords and Nighon and had to defeat them all before Bidley became the de-facto Pirate King.


Under the Jolly Roger
Pirates and Palms as a player hero.
Master of the Island as a player hero.
Devil Sunrise as a player hero.
Terror of the Seas
Evenmorn as a player hero.
The Shores of Hell as a player hero.
In Search of the Horn as a player hero.
Treachery as a player hero.
Horn of the Abyss
Frontier as a player hero.
Horn of the Abyss as a player hero.
All Hands on Board! as a player hero.


Terror of the Seas
Prisoner of Doom
Horn of the Abyss
Heart of Water


Jeremy Cannon
Level Attack Defense
Level 20 10
6 +1 +1
12 +2 +1
18 +3 +2
24 +4 +2
30 +5 +3
36 +6 +3
42 +7 +4
48 +8 +4
54 +9 +5
60 +10 +5
66 +11 +6
72 +12 +6

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Some may find the information in this section subjective or irrelevant.

Jeremy is an excellent starting hero. His free Cannon can allow him to clear most neutral monsters in the early game, and his specialty and the high chance for Captains to gain Attack skill keeps the Cannon relevant well into the late game. He's also a great secondary hero, since he comes with a free Cannon to pass over to your main, saving 1500 Gold as well as giving you access to the powerful war machine without needing a Cove town or Cannon Yard.

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