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Source files table[edit]

Located in the Data folder in your Heroes of Might and Magic III install directory.

Shadow of Death Shadow of Death
H3sprite.lod > TwCrPort.def
Horn of the Abyss Horn of the Abyss
(Portrait fixes)
Horn of the Abyss Horn of the Abyss
HotA.lod > twcrport.def
Portrait File name Creature Portrait Creature Portrait Creature
CPrL000C.pcx Pikeman Pikeman Nymph
CPrL001C.pcx Halberdier Halberdier Oceanid
CPrL002C.pcx Archer Crew Mate
CPrL003C.pcx Marksman Seaman
CPrL004C.pcx Griffin Pirate
CPrL005C.pcx Royal Griffin Royal Griffin Corsair
CPrL006C.pcx Swordsman Sea Dog
CPrL007C.pcx Crusader Stormbird
CPrL008C.pcx Monk Ayssid
CPrL009C.pcx Zealot Zealot Sea Witch
CPrL010C.pcx Cavalier Sorceress
CPrL011C.pcx Champion Champion Nix
CPrL012C.pcx Angel Angel Nix Warrior
CPrL013C.pcx Archangel Archangel Sea Serpent
CPrL014R.pcx Centaur Haspid
CPrL015R.pcx Centaur Captain Halfling (Factory)
CPrL016R.pcx Dwarf Dwarf Halfling Grenadier
CPrL017R.pcx Battle Dwarf Battle Dwarf Mechanic
CPrL018R.pcx Wood Elf Wood Elf Engineer
CPrL019R.pcx Grand Elf Armadillo
CPrL020R.pcx Pegasus Pegasus Bellwether Armadillo
CPrL021R.pcx Silver Pegasus Automaton
CPrL022R.pcx Dendroid Guard Dendroid Guard Sentinel Automaton
CPrL023R.pcx Dendroid Soldier Dendroid Soldier Sandworm
CPrL024R.pcx Unicorn Olgoi-Khorkhoi
CPrL025R.pcx War Unicorn Gunslinger
CPrL026R.pcx Green Dragon Bounty Hunter
CPrL027R.pcx Gold Dragon Dreadnought
CPrL028T.pcx Gremlin Juggernaut
CPrL029T.pcx Master Gremlin Couatl
CPrL030T.pcx Stone Gargoyle Crimson Couatl
CPrL031T.pcx Obsidian Gargoyle Obsidian Gargoyle Leprechaun
CPrL032T.pcx Stone Golem Satyr
CPrL033T.pcx Iron Golem Iron Golem Steel Golem
CPrL034T.pcx Mage Fangarm
CPrL035T.pcx Arch Mage Cannon
CPrL036T.pcx Genie
CPrL037T.pcx Master Genie
CPrL038T.pcx Naga
CPrL039T.pcx Naga Queen
CPrL040T.pcx Giant
CPrL041T.pcx Titan Titan
CPrL042I.pcx Imp Imp
CPrL043I.pcx Familiar
CPrL044I.pcx Gog
CPrL045I.pcx Magog
CPrL046I.pcx Hell Hound
CPrL047I.pcx Cerberus
CPrL048I.pcx Demon
CPrL049I.pcx Horned Demon
CPrL050I.pcx Pit Fiend
CPrL051I.pcx Pit Lord
CPrL052I.pcx Efreeti
CPrL053I.pcx Efreet Sultan
CPrL054I.pcx Devil
CPrL055I.pcx Arch Devil
CPrL056N.pcx Skeleton
CPrL057N.pcx Skeleton Warrior
CPrL058N.pcx Walking Dead
CPrL059N.pcx Zombie Zombie
CPrL060N.pcx Wight
CPrL061N.pcx Wraith
CPrL062N.pcx Vampire
CPrL063N.pcx Vampire Lord
CPrL064N.pcx Lich
CPrL065N.pcx Power Lich
CPrL066N.pcx Black Knight Black Knight
CPrL067N.pcx Dread Knight
CPrL068N.pcx Bone Dragon
CPrL069N.pcx Ghost Dragon Ghost Dragon
CPrL070D.pcx Troglodyte
CPrL071D.pcx Infernal Troglodyte
CPrL072D.pcx Harpy
CPrL073D.pcx Harpy Hag
CPrL074D.pcx Beholder
CPrL075D.pcx Evil Eye
CPrL076D.pcx Medusa
CPrL077D.pcx Medusa Queen
CPrL078D.pcx Minotaur
CPrL079D.pcx Minotaur King
CPrL080D.pcx Manticore
CPrL081D.pcx Scorpicore Scorpicore
CPrL082D.pcx Red Dragon
CPrL083D.pcx Black Dragon
CPrL084S.pcx Goblin
CPrL085S.pcx Hobgoblin
CPrL086S.pcx Wolf Rider
CPrL087S.pcx Wolf Raider
CPrL088S.pcx Orc Orc
CPrL089S.pcx Orc Chieftain Orc Chieftain
CPrL090S.pcx Ogre
CPrL091S.pcx Ogre Mage
CPrL092S.pcx Roc
CPrL093S.pcx Thunderbird Thunderbird
CPrL094S.pcx Cyclops
CPrL095S.pcx Cyclops King Cyclops King
CPrL096S.pcx Behemoth
CPrL097S.pcx Ancient Behemoth Ancient Behemoth
CPrL098F.pcx Gnoll
CPrL099F.pcx Gnoll Marauder
CPrL100F.pcx Lizardman
CPrL101F.pcx Lizard Warrior
CPrL102F.pcx Serpent Fly
CPrL103F.pcx Dragon Fly
CPrL104F.pcx Basilisk
CPrL105F.pcx Greater Basilisk
CPrL106F.pcx Gorgon
CPrL107F.pcx Mighty Gorgon
CPrL108F.pcx Wyvern
CPrL109F.pcx Wyvern Monarch
CPrL110F.pcx Hydra
CPrL111F.pcx Chaos Hydra
CPrL112E.pcx Air Elemental
CPrL113E.pcx Earth Elemental
CPrL114E.pcx Fire Elemental Fire Elemental
CPrL115E.pcx Water Elemental
CPrL116E.pcx Gold Golem
CPrL117E.pcx Diamond Golem
CPrL118E.pcx Pixie Pixie
CPrL119E.pcx Sprite Sprite
CPrL120E.pcx Psychic Elemental
CPrL121E.pcx Magic Elemental
CPrL123E.pcx Ice Elemental
CPrL125E.pcx Magma Elemental
CPrL127E.pcx Storm Elemental
CPrL129E.pcx Energy Elemental
CPrL130E.pcx Firebird Firebird
CPrL131E.pcx Phoenix Phoenix
CPrL132N.pcx Azure Dragon
CPrL133N.pcx Crystal Dragon Crystal Dragon
CPrL134N.pcx Faerie Dragon Faerie Dragon
CPrL135N.pcx Rust Dragon Rust Dragon
CPrL136N.pcx Enchanter Enchanter
CPrL137N.pcx Sharpshooter Sharpshooter
CPrL138N.pcx Halfling Halfling
CPrL139N.pcx Peasant
CPrL140N.pcx Boar
CPrL141N.pcx Mummy
CPrL142N.pcx Nomad
CPrL143N.pcx Rogue
CPrL144N.pcx Troll Troll
CPrL145M.pcx Catapult
CPrL146M.pcx Ballista
CPrL147M.pcx First Aid Tent
CPrL148M.pcx Ammo Cart

HotA creature portrait fixes[edit]