Battle of the Sexes

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Battle of the Sexes Shadow of Death
4 Total Players / 4 Human Players
Underground disabled Size 3 (108×108) - L
For ages men and women have lived in separate worlds, operating under different laws. Now they are living in separate castles, openly fighting the battle of the sexes that started centuries ago. Women have taken up the Red and Green Banners, and men have taken up the Blue and Tan banners.
Victory condition:
Defeat All Enemies
Loss condition:
Lose All Your Towns and Heroes
Allies: Red Enemies: BlueTanGreen
Choose a bonus:
Carried to next scenario:
Max level:

Hero restrictions[edit]

As part of the map's gimmick, hero choices are restricted by sex. Male heroes are banned in Red and Green sides, and female heroes in Blue and Tan sides. In addition, all Conflux heroes are banned for all sides, presumably because the expansion which added this map, The Shadow of Death, did not allow this town to be playable if Armageddon's Blade was not also installed.

Town Red and Green Blue and Tan
Castle Valeska Sylvia Sorsha Tyris Adela Adelaide Sanya Caitlin Orrin Edric Christian Rion Cuthbert Ingham Loynis Sir Mullich
Rampart Mephala Jenova Gem Melodia Ufretin Ryland Thorgrim Ivor Clancy Kyrre Coronius Uland Elleshar Malcom Alagar Aeris
Tower Josephine Neela Rissa Iona Serena Daremyth Cyra Aine Piquedram Thane Torosar Fafner Astral Halon Theodorus Solmyr
Inferno Fiona Marius Octavia Pyre Nymus Olema Calid Ash Rashka Ignatius Calh Ayden Xyron Axsis Zydar Xarfax
Necropolis Charna Tamika Isra Septienna Aislinn Xsi Vidomina Straker Vokial Moandor Clavius Galthran Sandro Nimbus Thant Nagash
Dungeon Lorelei Synca Sephinroth Arlach Dace Ajit Damacon Gunnar Shakti Alamar Jaegar Malekith Jeddite Geon Deemer Darkstorn
Stronghold Shiva Gretchin Gird Gundula Oris Yog Gurnisson Jabarkas Krellion Crag Hack Tyraxor Vey Dessa Terek Zubin
Fortress Mirlanda Rosic Voy Verdish Merist Styg Andra Tiva Bron Drakon Wystan Tazar Alkin Korbac Gerwulf Broghild

Since custom hero restrictions are properties of the map, this selection is not changed when playing with Horn of the Abyss: heroes that would otherwise be banned by default or not be available on maps without water terrain, namely Sylvia, Sir Mullich, Thorgrim, Galthran, and Voy, remain available on this map while their replacements Beatrice, Lord Haart, Giselle, Ranloo, and Kinkeria remain unavailable. Furthermore, the Cove and Factory towns are unaffected and their entire roster of default heroes are available to all sides without gender-based restrictions.

A HotA compatible version of Battle of the Sexes (added restrictions to Conflux, Cove, and Factory) is available to download.

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